For shopping lovers, the Midnight Sale is an inevitable test. You and other discount hunters are willing to jostle to get good stuff at super economical prices. However, because there are so many fans, shopping at Midnight Sale can sometimes be a challenge. The crowds of visitors can make you lose focus in shopping. Not to mention if you have other agendas because you are busy or have business at home, your shopping hobby will not be channeled.

Just try it, can you give it a try? I want to give you a tip for the service of buying the thing I want! And it turns out that there is one profession that can answer your needs, called courier service or jastip. Most people who work as jastip really like shopping too. So you can shop for yourself, buy other people’s orders, and get paid! Generally, their services are also satisfactory, so that more and more people use their services. Finally jastip became a profitable business for most people. Why?

1. Ease of working

If you have a social media account such as Instagram, you can use it for instant media. If you prefer, you can also peddle these ‘services’ by chatting with friends or acquaintances so you can offer them in person. Then, what’s the next step? There are two ways to start jastip. First, when you channel your shopping hobby, just look for all the items you want to offer. Photos of goods, uploaded to your social media accounts, along with price and tariff info.

The second way is to go to big discount events offered by certain malls or outlets. Immediately announce your planned attendance at this discount event on social media. Later, if there are consumers who are after certain items at this event, they can use your deposit services. It turns out that being a jastip is easy.

2. Without capital, you can still run

Need capital or not, back to the agreement between the jastip and the consumer. For example, you are willing to be redeemed in advance, then the consumer will send the payment. Or the consumer has to make a payment first, then the desired item is purchased.

For the sake of mutual convenience, choose the second way, namely by accepting a new transfer to buy the desired item. That way, you don’t need to prepare a lot of capital.

3. Consumer and market certainty

This jastip profession is indeed able to cover the need to buy certain goods that are difficult for consumers to reach for various reasons. For example, because of busyness, the location is too far, or it is not convenient to shop in a crowded place. So this service is always needed.

Plus, there’s no limit to what items you can provide them with. All of them already have malls or shopping centers and you only need to take pictures for promotions. Starting from fashion products, cosmetics, kitchen utensils, to furniture you can promote on social media. The more goods that are offered, the market opportunities are also wider and never empty.

To support the promotion, also strengthen it from the social media side. You can upload testimonials from customers so that the credibility of your account becomes clearer. Also follow other jastip accounts, who knows the customers are also attached to your service.

4. The more customers, the bigger the profit

Actually, how much profit can we get if we are serious about the jastip business? You can get a turnover of tens of millions from this business if you already have regular customers. Not to mention if you often buy branded and luxury items. Jastip prices will also go up.

To get loyal customers, you have to promise professional service. Such as being fast in buying deposited goods and knowing the quality of the goods purchased well. After that, keep in touch and communicate well when offering services. Who knows, they will also offer your services to their friends? Then you will have new customers!

5. Not only money, you can get goods

This jastip profession will also provide other benefits besides money, you know. For example, you can earn extra credit card points or shopping points for buying multiple items. Sometimes there is a “Buy 1 Get 1 Free” promo at the mall or shopping center. You can of course get benefits in the form of bonus items. This is good, I can sell it later.

If you are lucky, is it possible to get a free overseas holiday raffle? Quite tempting is not the profit that can be obtained from this business? If you used to like someone who made negative comments about your shopping hobby, now you can correct their comments. You can also make a profit, both money and goods.

Now you know what the benefits of jastip are! No need to feel inferior anymore if you have a shopping hobby that is always considered a waste of money. In fact, there are many advantages that can be obtained from this one hobby, right? For Sindo Shippers who may need goods delivery services from abroad to domestic, Sindo Shipping is ready to assist you in shipping the goods you buy from abroad. In addition, to be more practical in shopping, we also provide our own Deposit Service which will make it easier for you in the shopping process. For more details, you can contact us via WhatsApp JASTIP or visit our website for other interesting information.

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