Shipping Liquid With Sindo Shipping? This Is a Safety Tips

When we talk about logistics expeditions, what immediately comes to mind is in the form of ordinary goods. Such as food stuffs, clothing, textiles, cosmetic industry products or other materials. There are also many other types of goods that can enter shipping lanes, such as motor vehicles such as cars and motorcycles, heavy construction equipment, agricultural products, crude oil, fuel and so on. Let’s read article below, hopefully you will get a lot of information about shipping!

Meanwhile, each expedition process, whether by land, sea or air, has different categories according to the applicable policies. Each of these pathways must have implemented regulations because all three have their own level of risk. For example, traveling by air is prohibited from transporting heavy goods such as vehicles, alcohol, dynamos, machines, and other items. This also applies to some land routes with trucking or ship for sea expeditions. Liquid shipments are often not delivered. Not only solid goods that can be sent with package delivery services, even liquid. Some people say that it is quite difficult to find liquid package delivery services in Indonesia because it contains many risks. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Easy to spill, especially when there is a shock during shipping.
  2. Difficulty in packaging or packaging. Shipping Liquids must be ensured that they do not spill, seep or splash.
  3. Liquid goods are also easily broken when using glass containers.
  4. Volatile and cause explosion.
  5. If it contains certain chemicals then the smell that arises is a pungent odor.

In other words, the delivery of liquid goods poses a lot of problems and risks. Can cause loss. Therefore, some shipping services refuse if there is this type of liquid. because it can cause losses.

Usually the types of fluids that are often sent are packaged drinks, paints, floor cleaners, detergents, and other fluid needs. Moreover, there are so many of them that it requires a large enough storage space and a strong fleet. Its function is to be able to accommodate fluids and security. There are several shipping routes that can be used.


The sea route is also one of the means of water shipping between islands. Because the fleet of ships is able to explore the area though. Meanwhile, the coverage area is wider considering that Indonesia is an archipelagic country. Who can cross the sea to outside the island or abroad. In addition, ships can also transport larger quantities of liquid with a certain minimum and maximum capacity. The types of fleets that can carry out this liquid delivery are Cargo Ships to RoRo Ships. Certain shipping fleets may also accept different rates and estimated times. So it is very important to understand the urgency of using this fluid.


Delivery of liquids by land usually uses a fleet of trucks or trucking. This fleet relies on large trucks. However, it still depends on the size and weight of the liquid package being shipped. The ground solution is perfect for the delivery of these fluids. With the aim of delivery between local or regional.


Use The Best Packaging

Good packaging will increase the security of your shipment. To prevent liquids from spilling, seeping or splashing. Can use bubble wrap, plastic, cardboard for liquid packaging. Use it so it doesn’t break (if the packaging is glass or plastic) and doesn’t absorb easily. Provide wooden packing to protect the entire surface of the goods when the goods pile up. If you want to send raw materials or main ingredients in large quantities, you can use iso tanks or special tank containers for liquids.

Liquid Type Data

Inform the freight forwarder about the characteristics and types of fluids. In order to get special treatment and attention when it is about to be sent. Especially if the object is a volatile or flammable chemical liquid.

Calculate Shipping Costs

This is often an obstacle because each courier service applies a different price for each weight of liquid. Usually the expedition set a minimum price limit according to the type and weight of the liquid. In addition, the distance also affects the shipping price.

Give a Special Mark

This particular sign is like “Fragile” or “handle with care”. This information is to notify the shipping officer to treat liquid goods properly.

Use The Best And Experienced Freight Forwarder

Sindo Shipping is a company engaged in the delivery of goods to make it easier for everyone as well as in shipping cargo by land and sea that is easy, safe and cheap. Delivery of Liquid Goods through SindoShipping will be guaranteed safe, because Sindo Shipping has handled more than 20 thousand shipments to 272 destinations throughout Indonesia. Sindo Shipping also has very professional experts in their fields who ensure your goods arrive at their destination in good condition.

Get various inter-island cargo shipping routes along with transparent schedules and prices to always help your business run smoothly. SindoShipping also has a deposit service to buy the items you need and of course it’s cheap and easy. Enjoy the convenience of all your goods or cargo delivery needs via land and sea modes through our website which will certainly get attractive offers for those of you who are using SindoShipping services for the first time.

Those are some things you need to know about shipping liquid with Sindo shipping. Using shipping liquid goods with Sindo shipping is very profitable, Sindo Shipping who has been trusted as a reliable, easy, and safe shipping. If you want to find a freight forwarder that delivers goods from abroad to Indonesia, you can use Sindo Shipping delivery service. Not only that, Sindo Shipping also provides insurance for your package to keep it safe during the shipping process until the package is received at the destination address in good condition. So, you don’t have to be confused about how to get liquid goods from abroad, because we have received many testimonials from our loyal customers. 

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