Who doesn’t love shopping? Yes, shopping is a common thing to do, especially for women. But who would have thought, the hobby of shopping turned out to be a source of additional income. Sindo shipper friends do you ever try personal shopper (JASTIP) business? In this article, we want to inform you about personal shopper business with small capital that has the potential to generate a hefty profit.

The rise of online shopping which is currently becoming a trend makes the personal shopper business a lucrative online business opportunity. Many items can be sold, here are a lot of important information that we cited from another source.

Frequently used items

While walking, while hunting for jastip goods. So, to help you decide what items to sell, here are some lists.


People generally like unique snacks from other countries that are not found in Indonesia, such as biscuits, chocolate, sweets, and so on. If you plan to choose jastip goods in the form of snacks, make sure the food is durable, yes.

Skin care

Another jastip item that has a lot of fans is skin care. This one item is definitely always needed and ordered by teenagers and young mothers. Moreover, shopping for skincare in their home countries, such as Japan and Korea, is said to be cheaper and more varied. So, consumers have more skin care options at their disposal.

Make up

In line with skin care, make-up has also become a staple item that is a consumer favorite. Not only make up, makeup tools are also in demand by jastip consumers. Although many stores are domiciled abroad on online shopping platforms, consumers are often burdened with high shipping costs from overseas. That’s why they often prefer to shop through personal shopper.


Some shoe brands are not fully available in Indonesia. Well, here’s an opportunity to start a shoe delivery service business. In addition, through shoe delivery services, consumers can personally request sizes, materials and colors as desired.


Another fashion product that is also loved by many consumers is a bag deposit service (jastip). Some brands of bags are only produced on a limited basis in certain countries. That’s why consumers often use jastip to hunt for limited edition goods. So how? Interested in trying the jastip business? Here’s how to start a courier service business.


The #1 way of a courier service business: set targets

Before starting a personal shopper business, you need to map out the target you want to target. For example, you often shop for beauty products, then the target audience is mothers and young women. It’s different if you like shopping for kitchen equipment, then the target market will be narrowed down to only mothers.

Determining the target is important because that way you can focus on goods that suit the target market. You can determine the target and segment of buyers according to your preferences too, you know. So, in running this perosnal shopper business, you will enjoy it more.

Courier service business method #2: set the price

Usually, personal shopper earns around 5-20 thousand rupiahs per item of goods spent. So, for example, you buy goods for Rp. 50 thousand, with an additional shopping service of Rp. 10 thousand, the price of goods changed to Rp. 60 thousand not including shipping costs to customers.

How small? Eits don’t see the nominal wrong. The more expensive the goods, the higher the profit of the courier service.But usually jastip is not up to 10 percent of the price of the goods, yes. Also count the quantity, the more people who use jastip, the bigger the profit.

Also note, if you do personal shopper business overseas, be sure to calculate the components of transportation costs, accommodation, taxes and additional fees charged.

Business service delivery method #3: promotion through social media

Choosing social media that will be used to promote jastip is also important, you know. This can be done by looking at the target market that you have previously analyzed. See and learn about the social media they use, then you can use the same social media for promotion.

In addition, do not confuse this personal shopper social media with personal social media accounts. This is to avoid hassles that may arise when carrying out personal shopper.

How to do a deposit service business #4: show classy product photos

This method looks trivial but is actually quite a big influence on the sales performance of your goods. An attractive visual display is usually easier to make buyers interested in buying.

You can learn how to take simple product photos from YouTube or copy from other stores that have good image quality. If you have free time, you can also learn how to edit photos. Don’t forget to watermark the photos you take so they don’t get stolen by others. Another tip, touch editing does not need to be excessive so that it makes product photos different from the original. This is so that buyers don’t feel cheated, yes, you.

How to do a deposit service business #5: calculate capital carefully

Capital is needed to start a personal shopper business. Because personal shopper means covering the cost of shopping for goods first, you must carefully calculate the source of funds that will be used. Don’t let the pegs be bigger than the pegs.

Also calculate the price of the goods to be purchased, whether the price fluctuates or follows the currency exchange rate, so that it can change at any time.

Well, if your source of funds is limited, you can also use an agreement, paying 50 percent and the rest is paid after the goods reach the customer. Agree with the prospect. Make sure payment agreements are transparent, so they can feel safe and trusted.

Deposit service business method #6: give bonus

To make your personal shopper business more widely known, give some bonuses for loyal customers. For example if customer shop 3 times can get free shipping. Or you can give a beautiful souvenir as an expression of gratitude. It’s easy, right? But in running a business, one thing you have to remember is that starting a business in any form will definitely meet various challenges.

When starting personal shopper business, things that are often encountered as obstacles usually include:

● Customers do not pay for goods even though they have been purchased,

●  Receive complaints because the condition of the goods does not meet customer expectations,

●  Items damaged or lost in shipping,

●  Consumers who are fussy and take up a lot of time and attention,

●  The customer has the wrong address so the goods do not arrive at their destination.

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