For Young Living Customer to ship the products to Indonesia.

for young living customer to send the products to indonesia

What are Young Living products? Young Living products mainly natural essential oil that been produced in the United States by person name Dr. Gary Young. He experienced some abnormalities in his body and been frustrated with conventional medicine and treatment and because of that and after tremendous research on the natural ways of healing, Dr. Gary starts producing essential oil and brand it as Young Living.

As the products been to use all over the world and have many users love the products, our company specialized in importing Young Living products to Indonesia with unofficial cooperation with Young Living offices all over the world.

The health and beauty industry is one of the most growing industries currently while people around the world are investing more in their own health. Alternative medicine or therapy has been preferred by most people due to the natural ingredients from the product with natural effects not like conventional medicine from pharmaceutical companies.

The essential oil distilled directly from nature, and Young Living inc believes only using natural products and the system to produce their essential oil. Major production comes from the USA with a tremendous plant that the user or anyone can visit to understand how Young Living products produce.

How Young Living product be applied to:

  • Cleaning & Home. The essential oil is widely used to clean home with its natural power. In the example, the lemon oil mixes that able to help clean dishes or you can make your own soap from the young living essential oil.
  • Food & Beverages. The user can add essential oil as their ingredients of cooking due to its natural taste. Furthermore, to add sweets and taste, the user can add essential oil cinnamon to their drinks.
  • Spa & Relaxation. The essential oil has been widely using in spa and relaxation as it helps the body to relax and even young living creating the massage therapy technique by its products for the user.s
  • Medical, Young Living unofficially starting some research in regards to how to use young living products to the user based on the symptom that the user has and helps to ease the uncomfortable with natural power.
  • Aromatherapy. As aromatherapy with natural products, essential oil able to help the user with a therapy method for the aromatherapy. Users able to lavender or peppermint oil that able to help to relax thought smells.
  • Other Applications. Other applications may apply for applied to the body as body aroma or to pet as well to help reduce body odor with natural products. Furthermore, a wide range of uses in the future still in research to maximize the benefits.

Especially for the young living customer, you can order the product to be shipped by our company, SindoShipping, voted as one of the best freight forwarding services to Indonesia.

We have a daily trip (twice a week trip during COVID 19, Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday) to the Young Living warehouse to Singapore to collect most of the Indonesia member’s and leader’s orders. Furthermore, we have an agreement with Young Living management with a lot of benefits that the member obtains from the Young Living company offered through our company as we held the major shipping of Young Living products to Indonesia from Singapore. The procedure to order and register your shipping are:

  1. Register your membership with Young Living (for leaders and new member)
  2. After you make your order through Virtual Office (VO) and obtain the order no, please do email Young Living to or (Young Living Website) to mention that the particular order will be pick by Heru’s Team or Will Call Heru (the code), and by reading the instruction, the customer service, and reply and confirm that the product will be pass to our staff from the warehouse (Note: order by email is more convenient as the order can be processed together with the instruction altogether)
  3. After you obtain the order no, please kindly email to or whatsapp to +6281296055142 with complete address of destination and detail contact person and number for our reference.
  4. Within a few days, after the order number has been given by customer service, you can also monitor whether the product has been pass to our pick up team (on Virtual Office at the shipping method section – there will be a sign of ASL HERU and the date of the pick up) or you can simply ask our staff with Whatsapp to +6281296055142 for any updates.
  5. After our team obtains the products from Young Living, we will inform the customer that the goods have been picked up and to confirm whether is it a correct order that the customer order from Young Living (to prevent auto-shipment) and on the next day, we will repack and send to customer appointed address in Indonesia, as we will pass the Indonesian shipping services tracking no so you can monitor the shipment process as well.

For United States orders, you can order through the Virtual Office and pass the tracking no from United States by the shipping company from United States to our address in Singapore (free to use the address for international order), please be reminded to order the product less than SGD 400  to avoid any GST (Goods and Service Tax – 7%) charges by the authorities as GST is calculated based on the Cost, Insurance and Freight (CIF) value of the goods, together with all duties payable (Singapore Custom)

If you order from any other Young Living office you also can send the goods through our Singapore address. Furthermore, please take note of the shipping tracking as we will help you monitor the goods as well until it reaches out to our address.

Another option for members to ship to our address as follow with order through NVO:

SindoShipping/ Customer Name, No 2 Yishun Industrial St.1 , Northpoint Bizhub #05-02 ,Singapore, 768159, Tel: (65) 6755 5717, (65) 8317 3503, for delivery time: Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm

A few benefits on shipping though us:

  • It is guaranteed shipping as we have been worked together with the management as we have raised a few shipping challenges that affecting the customer and bring the problem as the mediator to the management.
  • If in the case any leak happened from the oil bottle (Young Living management will replace it as the member need to make claim and report through the company email with a photo (the cap never been opened), bottle condition (no crack or shattered), and batch no.
  • If any shattered and missing item happened, SindoShipping will replace the products through our claim procedure. 
  • Free return to Young Living as the member needs only to send to our Batam, Indonesia address and we will return the product to Young Living Singapore as our additional service to Young Living customer member only. (during COVID we stop the service of free return and advised customers to lias with Young Living Indonesia for the return order)
  • If any auto-ship product as long as the product still in Batam, Indonesia, we will return the product with the member instruction for free (without any charges) – not applicable during COVID 19

Do contact our staff for any inquiry in regards to Young Living shipment to Indonesia from any other parts of the world. Email or Whatsapp for faster response.

*SindoShipping does not authorize to request any order to Young Living directly, as the procedure directly fully controlled by Young Living management and our company work as your representative to collect the goods on your behalf, that’s why it is important to ensure your order has been processed thoroughly with Young Living (payment, process, order number) and they (Young Living company) will release the goods to us (SindoShipping) when the order is ready to dispatch at Young Living warehouse.

**SindoShiping will not liable on any cost applicable relating to your order to the Young Living company as it is beyond our company control as there are SGD 2 charges to pick up from office

Sindoshipping – cheaper and more affordable way to ship your products to Indonesia.

Singapore – Indonesia Price List

Here is the complete price list to ship your goods from Singapore (as transit point) to Indonesia (all-in-charge door-to-door) by AIR shipment with a minimum of 1 kg per shipment** if shipped to our warehouse in Singapore 

Please take note the commodity of your shipment as it will trigger different pricing on shipping due to taxes involved. All price as per follow below:

  • Transit time 1-2 days on average on the warehouse in Singapore if you have a shipment coming from any other country to Singapore address.

Please take note of any import shipment to Singapore and send it to our warehouse address there are 7% GST needs to be paid if the CIF (Cargo, Insurance, Freight) above SGD 400.

Please check the rules in importing to Singapore: Importing to Singapore – What need to know?

  • All Charges inclusive Indonesia custom tax and brokerage fee
  • Estimates arrival time: 4-5 working days to the destination

Charges for AIR shipment from Singapore to Indonesia:

Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek) = IDR 200.000/Kg

Bali – Kalimantan – Sulawesi = IDR 230.000/Kg

Papua = IDR 300.000/Kg

Khusus barang Branded seperti Tas dan Sepatu (Bags and Shoes)= IDR 250.000/Kg

Brng Elektronik (Komputer / Hp)  (Electronic)= IDR 1.500.000 / Unit

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