Shipping from USA to Indonesia

shipping from usa to indonesia

Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world, as the head of Amazon worldwide, we keep wondering how the e-commerce website can conquer the world with such growth and demand that every person need to have an account at

In the USA the e-commerce market is quite mature and the buyer understands how the game works around. Furthermore, with the help of big shipping companies such as FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS, e-commerce is thriving with such an ecosystem.

Sales of e-commerce are staggering around 500 billion dollars, in second place just behind China. The market is tremendously big even people all over the world want to ship at US websites due to the wide range of selection of goods compared to the local availability.

These are the type of goods that people usually buy from the USA:

  • Consumer electronics and appliances.
  • Apparel and footwear
  • Housewares and home furnishing
  • Personal accessories and eyewear
  • Do-it-yourself and home improvement
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Media products
  • Grocery
  • Traditional toys, and games

Here is additional info on top 10 websites in the USA for e-commerce:


If you love to do online shopping in USA websites, either for cosmetics, skincare, toys, smartphone cases, CD, men’s and woman’s clothing, vitamin & supplements, shoes, baby clothing, etc, or you love to visit and shop from Amazon,, young living USA, eBay/ Etsy, Disney store, Carter’s, Walmart, color pop, gap, victoria secret, Nordstrom, OshKosh, etc, or any other place in United States that the company required US address for the delivery, we have new warehouse set up just for your need.

Now with our local US address, you do not need to be worried as we will receive the goods for you and consolidate for you in any case you require it.

A few websites are not able to send directly to Indonesia due to customs restrictions or some problems with regards to arranging the shipment, our company able to help you and your company to arrange the shipping.

Our professional staff will received it on behalf and sending it via Singapore port and please do ensure we will cater to your need in the case you need to repackaged your order or consolidate with other orders that you made a purchase in the United States.

Sindoshipping only charges USD 20 for handling service and we have cooperation with USPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, UPS, etc, as you required. Please contact our customer service for the rate of freight forwarding service to Indonesia and the address in the US for your delivery address.

USA – Indonesia Price List

For a price between the USA to Jakarta, Indonesia via Singapore are

  • USA handling Fee = USD 20
  • USA shipping to Singapore = Small box rate USD 50 (estimates using USPS)
  • Singapore to Jakarta IDR 190,000

Total Cost per kg all in charges roughly IDR 1,200,000 (estimates) excluding Singapore GST tax (if any) (14-20 days arrived )

Note: The address for USA Shipment must be directed to our warehouse address in USA.

Price per kg from Singapore to Indonesia by Air.

1. Khusus Jakarta = IDR 190.000/Kg

2. Luar Kota Jakarta = IDR 200.000/Kg

3. Bali – Kalimantan – Sulawesi = IDR 230.000/Kg

4. Papua = IDR 300.000/Kg

5. Branded: Tas dan Sepatu (Bag and Shoes)= IDR 250.000/Kg

6. Elektronik Goods (Komputer / Hp) – Electronic and HP =  IDR 1.500.000 / Unit

*Price list updated as per December 2018

Notes for all shipment:

If you have a shipment from any other countries except Singapore, China or US, we only handle the charges from Singapore to Indonesia per kg as the shipment charges from initial country to Singapore are paid by the shipper (Sindoshipping able to help to arrange if needed from the country of origin if needed).