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Shipping to Indonesia does not need to be such a hard time for you. You just need to find more information about it and you should ready to ship it. Well, shipping to Indonesia can be really difficult if you don’t understand steps that need to take to start shipping your goods.

First, you need to understand which category of goods your shipment fall into as every content or commodity have different treatment in regards to how to ship it to Indonesia. Rule in the thumb that the easiest to ship is the “daily use” products means that goods which you have use daily such as basic clothing, shoes, etc.

The most difficult to ship are the goods related to human health or human use that have contact with human skin or need to be consumed. As customs need to prevent any illegal drugs or illegal goods coming into the country.

Illegal here means sometimes can be “you don’t have a permit” to import it to Indonesia as Indonesia have some unique rules in importing typical of goods and sometimes your goods need to have the label of SNI (Indonesian National Standard) which means the goods have been successfully passing the national test.

Well, sometimes even local Indonesian does not see the logic of it. It just makes Indonesian people harder to join the flow of online fever purchase worldwide.

Goods that will need some interaction with human skin directly need to have an import permit from the National Health Agency which is quite ridiculous if the goods just only one or two pieces.

One of our customer mention she just order goods from the USA only for two pieces of lipstick for personal use and the customs duty officer reject the goods as does not have certification from National Health Agency. It is very frustrating for the customer that ordering goods all the way from another continent.

Customs in Indonesia have a lot of bureaucracy but you need to understand how the government in Indonesia or any third world countries work. As even for now, that the leadership wants to change the culture for the office of customs department, it might need at least a hundred years to change the behavior of a human in terms of national culture.

Sometimes the government needs to access the problem from a customer point of view as well or any business perspective. With goods flow of export and import, it will help the country economy in the longer run.

With that kind of effects, importation of goods to Indonesia can be difficult and expensive. The shipping world in Indonesia needs to be at ease to help the region improving in terms of economy with the globalization currently.

Singapore Example

As an example, with a country such as Singapore, a tiny red dot in the map, is a well-developed country compared to the any South East Asia compatriots. What actually Singapore best to offer are the service industry and the the the highest standard of human resources. The founding fathers believe in the excellence of Singaporean or human value in every individual.

Furthermore, Singapore is famous as the hub of logistics around the region. With such a technological savvy country, the less bureaucracy, and an effective way of logistics, Singapore is excel in handling the goods around South East Asia.

Many companies if want to expand to Asia Pacific region will have Singapore as the main regional office as it is the most easiest place to open, run, and setup system of logistics at South East Asia.

How to start shipping to Indonesia effectively with SindoShipping

If you have decided to use our specialized freight forwarding service to Indonesia for your shipment, we would like to give some information for you to arrange the products.

The guide is easy to understand and to start shipping with us is really easy. You just fill up the inquiry form and our staff will contact you immediately. Furthermore, you also can Whatapp to our hotline number for faster access.

Nowadays, the company can excel if the communication system set up in the most effective way, that is why we believe the easiest contact is setting up the everyday app that the customer use. WhatsApp been use massively in the world and SindoShipping building communication with WhatsApp contacts. Here is the number you can contact immediately for any inquiry.: +6281296055142

Ask, inquiry, have information, have the knowledge, have access to any information in regards to the effective way to ship. your goods to Indonesia. If you have any question in regards to tax or such, keep asking until you have a clearer picture as knowledge is the way of life.

Our team committed to providing your time-definite, cheaper, more affordable, guaranteed, and best service provider for your air freight requirements with high standard quality service provided.

SindoShipping using Singapore as a hub of collection for incoming goods from all over the world. Why Singapore? as explained before, Singapore has the straight forward in regards to the goods what able to import or not to import and have the easiest import system in the world. Within minutes your import permit is issued. Imagine how many thousand to million of shipment country can handle with such efficiency.

After collection of the goods in Singapore warehouse, SindoShipping exported to nearest Indonesian city as the hub to ship locally within Indonesia bypassing Jakarta to ensure the smoother importation process to trans national.

Here are a few simple steps to arrange:

  1. From anywhere in the world you order your products, please do ensure your product meet the import requirement of Singapore Government as your goods will be imported directly to Singapore address passing through the Singapore custom, SindoShipping will not responsible for any rejected product due to custom requirement in Singapore based on the regulation  (customer advised to contact our representative directly to check before commencing the shipment to ensure the products is allowed) – click here for further info.
  2. Kindly put our warehouse address of SindoShipping/ Customer Name, No 2 Yishun Industrial St.1 , Northpoint Bizhub #05-02 ,Singapore, 768159, Tel: (65) 6755 5717, (65) 8317 3503, for delivery time: Monday – Friday, 10am-5pm , for the recipient address with your name as the receiver and do please contact us through WhatsApp +6281296055142 (Heru Wijaya) to ask the contact person and number that able to receive your goods or shipment in Singapore on your behalf.
  3. Please keep tracking your shipment before it reaches our address to ensure it is delivered to correct address and do update us periodically as well.
  4. After we have received the goods, between a few days, we will contact you directly to confirm the goods and particular address for the final destination of the shipment in Indonesia.
  5. Afterward, we will send you the bill and local tracking no that you can check online until you receive the goods safely to your address.

Ship to Indonesia effectively now with SindoShipping

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