Shipping from Singapore to Indonesia.

With double-digit revenue growth year to year in the Singapore e-commerce market, in 2018 alone the total revenue of e-commerce is around 4,1 million USD and the predicted to grows double in 2022 to 8,5 million USD.

Singapore never sleeps every single night as most purchases come from after office hours in Singapore e-commerce websites. The familiarity of people using the service of online shopping is on a day-to-day basis and it affected the family or friends on the behavior of online shoppers in Singapore. 

Furthermore, Singapore companies mostly aimed at the regional market to be able to thrive in South East Asia. Meaning that the e-commerce sites targeting the country around Singapore as the market of buyers.

Based on the statistic, 60 percent of the buyers are cross-border for the Singapore company e-commerce website. With a huge market of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and other southeast Asian countries, Singapore’s e-commerce players will increase their presence around the region and will try to reach the market by expanding the service is an example of the carousel, one of the successful Singapore company.

In Singapore e-commerce market, there is 5 type of goods that dominated as the top the market revenue, there are:

  • Electronics and Media – As the industry of electronic products dominate the future sales, the customers opted for online purchases compared to a physical visit to the store to cut off the travel time and sometimes more deals can be found online. 
  • Fashion – The fashion industry keeps growing in terms of online with the social media push forward the influence. In an example of Love, Bonito has the most followers on Instagram and as the leader in fashion online e-commerce in terms of growth.
  • Furniture and Appliances – The furniture and appliances home delivery helps the buyer saving more time for home delivery. With the need for home delivery for bulky items such as furniture and appliances, it helps the e-commerce websites thrive in this segment.
  • Toys, Hobby, and DIY – This segment quite dominates the online shopping experience as well as some goods such as toys, hobby, or do it yourself products not easy to get in brick and mortar shops. So people will look online and purchase it from there.
  • Food and Personal Care – The trending now in the online industry is the food for delivery and personal groceries with home delivery that can cater to the inconvenience of the user especially for the heavy item and bulky item.

It is recorded that 68 percent of the total population of around 4 million people use the service of e-commerce in Singapore. Singapore is one of the countries in the world with the penetration of high number internet user as the country understand how to make sure how internet able to improve day-to-day life and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

The user of e-commerce around 80 percent in Singapore is at the age of 18-45 years old which makes sense due to millennials and the use of internet and information seeker is around a productive age.

Here are top 10 e-commerce sites with the estimates visitors:

  1. Qoo10 Singapore – Monthly visitor around 13 million 
  2. Lazada Singapore – Monthly visitor around 10 million
  3. Carousell Singapore – Monthy visitor around 5 million
  4. eBay Singapore – Monthly visitor around 2 million
  5. EZBuy – Monthly visitor around 1,5 million
  6. Zalora Singapore – Monthly visitor around 1,5 million
  7. Shopee Singapore – Monthly visitor around 1,3 million
  8. Redmart Singapore – Monthly visitor around 1,2 million
  9. Fairprice On– Monthly visitor around 800,000
  10. Courts Singapore – Monthly visitor around 600,000

Another list of websites to visit:

  • Reebonz Singapore
  • Amazon Singapore
  • Crocs Singapore
  • HipVan
  • Shop365
  • Shopback
  • Love, Bonito
  • Dressable
  • Fortytwo

As from the list above, two top e-commerce websites that dominate the market, are Qoo10 and Lazada. The margin between Lazada to Carousell is around 5 million. These top 3 websites cater to a multi-range of goods sold on the websites. 

In the future, the growth of the multi-range goods website seller will keep growing as the demand for the products from the market will be varied and if the e-commerce website was able to cater to the audience demand, they will succeed.

Furthermore, shipping from Singapore to Indonesia keep increasing in a timely manner as a lot of demand from Indonesian market and how Singapore company able to use the hub of Singapore as the transit point for goods ordered from Europe or USA or else many companies in Singapore start expanding to the Indonesian market as well in terms of sales and trade.

Indonesia is a lucrative market to enter, with a range of e-commerce users around 32 million and internet population users are 40 percent out of the total population, Singapore companies have a large market to play with.

There are a few factors that help the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia:

  • The high user of smartphones and internet user growth. 
  • Increasing purchasing power.
  • The young population and technological savvy.

Here is some list on how to start shipping from Singapore to Jakarta, Indonesia, or any other cities in Indonesia.

Simple ways to do:

  • Kindly put our warehouse address of 2 Yishun Industrial St.1 Northpoint Bizhub #05-02 Singapore 768159 Tel: (65) 6755 5717 +65 8317 3503 for the recipient address with your name as the receiver and do please contact us through WhatsApp +6281296055142 (Heru Wijaya) to ask the contact person that able to receive your goods or shipment in Singapore on your behalf.
  • Please keep tracking your shipment before it reaches our address to ensure it is delivered to the correct address and does update us periodically as well.
  • After we have received the goods, between a few days, we will contact you directly to confirm the goods and particular address for the final destination of the shipment in Indonesia.
  • Afterward, we will send you the bill and local tracking no that you can check online until you receive the goods safely to your address.

If you have addressed in Singapore and we need to pick up from the address, there is a pick-up charges range from SGD$35 (city area) to SGD$50 (remote area) per pick up based on the address and location in Singapore. Do contact our staff for further details in regards to the pickup charges.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff in regards to any inquiry for shipping to Indonesia. Email or WhatsApp 6281296055142 for faster response to your question.

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