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7 Things We All Hate About Shipping To Indonesia

Most of us might have some sentiment in regards to shipping goods to Indonesia. I have read tons of articles condemning the way customs clearance Indonesia handling their products or some of the shippers or recipients that not satisfied with the way of treatment from a customs official.
We don’t need to feel that way if we have good knowledge in regards to shipping to Indonesia and as shipper or recipients, it is your job to ensure your goods fulfill the requirement of shipping typical goods to Indonesia.
As we write on previous articles, that Indonesia is a country listed as one of the difficult countries to ship your goods to, finding the knowledge on the “right way” to ship to Indonesia sometimes won’t be easy to the lack of information on the web.
Here in the article, we aim to compile the things that the shipper and recipient hate in regards to shipping their goods to Indonesia. A lot of reasons here listed but we as shipping agency want to make clearer pictures and what should be done better to avoid the love-hate relationship between shipping and recipient to a customs clearance officer.
If you are a regular shipper or first-time shipper, you might agree or disagree with this list as the list compiled based on the most things that happened in the customs clearance as regards to process and the system that in place right now.
You as the user of shipping service to Indonesia deserved a right to have clear information as possible before shipping your goods to Indonesia and end up the goods is stuck in custom without any clear expectation or the goods confiscated by the authorities without any explanation.
It is a frustrating experience to understand how inefficient the system of customs clearance in Indonesia as there are more things need to be done that the customs clearance system can be fast and efficient.
Shipping to Indonesia might have something you love in the future after you have read this list of things that the other shipper and recipient help to compile the list as you will know the road map better and able to share your knowledge to other people as well.
Indonesia as the largest country in Southeast Asia has a large market for e-commerce as Indonesian also loves to shop the goods from abroad. The list of things that Indonesians love to shop from abroad is varied but mostly is fashion, computers, and electronics, mobile phones, health and beauty products, etc.
When Indonesian shopping abroad while visiting the country, a lot of question wonders as well for Indonesians that is it safe to bring the things that they shop back to Indonesia. Do they need to throw the boxes or packages to ensure no problem happened during customs clearance when they arrived in Indonesia?
In Indonesia itself, the act of smuggling can be concluded as tax evasion as well and will have a severe penalty in regards to that. So it is important for anyone that bring the goods to Indonesia the rules happened to avoid the penalty imposed by customs officials.
Here is the list of what we all hate when shipping goods to Indonesia:

  1. No clear information in regards to customs clearance in particular goods that we might want to ship. As customers and the user of shipping service to Indonesia, we really hate if the goods stuck in the customs due to lack of information stated in their websites or even the shipping agency that you use to ship not even able to present to you some information in regards of shipping your goods. It’s really frustrating as a customer there is “information blindness” happened and without no one can explain to you what is really happening. It is best to always build communication clearly with your shipping agency to understand what exactly the requirement from customs clearance before commencing the delivery.
  2. Customs clearance does not care about shipper or recipient opinion due to the unsatisfactory documentation or more documentation not listed are required. You need to understand as your goods are handled by a customs clearance officer which have the authority to access your shipping and evaluate your goods in regards to unsatisfactory documentation or improper value declaration of the goods.  It is best to keep communicating with a customs official and ask for help from the shipping agency to help declare the goods and fulfill the documentation or requirement from the customs official.
  3. Your goods confiscated without any explanation. It is such a disappointing moment as you have done some effort and money in regards to the shipment but in the end, the goods are confiscated without any explanation. The shipper or recipient actually able to send a letter in regards of any objection in regards of the customs decision but the review might be taking some time and it might seem to have a little chance as to obtain back the goods. Here back to the initial recommendation as the shipper really needs to have a piece of clear information before commencing the shipment as to avoid these things happened.
  4. Customs delay can be days, weeks or even months to clear the goods through customs. When these things happened, you need to check immediately to your shipping agency what really happen and when is the exact time that the goods can be cleared through customs. You also need to understand when there is a holiday coming, the system of customs clearance becomes slower due to a lot of the goods that might be imported to the country for the holiday or your goods just stuck in the customs due to long holiday as an example is the Idul Adha (Islamic New Year) that usually happens for 1 week in Indonesia.
  5. Last minute documentation needed without prior information. This can be one of the stressful moments as well since the customs official need to check to a specific department in regards to the goods you imported to the country. When the specific department can issue the letter of importation, sometimes you need to have a consultation with the department and going back and forth until everything clear for customs clearance. To avoid these things, ensure the shipping agency understand the specific goods and type of goods that you ship to Indonesia.
  6. The customs official asking for extra payment as to speed up the process of clearance. As these things quite seldom happen now due to the government restricting out the type of under table payment, it is important to reject the request and report it to any higher official that handling the case. As to avoid your goods been confiscated as well as with the conviction of bribery to officials.
  7. The total tax that you need to pay is ridiculously high. Indonesia is one of many countries that imposed a high tariff and tax for consumer goods as it wants to protect local producers of consumer goods and rupiah currency trade. A lot of tax needed to pay such as import tax of 7,5 percent, 10 percent VAT (Value-Added Tax), minimum 15 percent of income tax, and based on the category there might have an additional tax of sales of luxury goods of 40 percent that you need to pay if your goods fall into that category.

We believe that our company purpose is to simplify the process of shipping your goods to Indonesia. Our company jobs are:

  • Help you arranging your shipment from the point of origin to your destination effortlessly. As if required, we can arrange the pick up based on your request and time of pick up for delivery purposes at the point of origin.
  • Allow you to access the information at the real-time on where is the location of your goods during transit. We believe that our company needs to provide you with online real-time information where is the location is as we value your shipment and we understand on how important it is for you to be able to locate your goods in every step of delivery until it reached your destination safely.
  • Handle customs clearance and duty payment. With our expertise and our customs brokerage system, we will help you and your company to pay the tax to the customs and handle the paperwork based on Indonesia customs requests on behalf of you.
  • Support the development of your company to the next level. As we believe that our job is to keep you and your company grow if you want to build a customer based in Indonesia as an online retailer or seller, our time-definite shipment will help you cater to your customer needs.

SindoShipping specialized on liquid/ chemical items, medical products, & personal effects air shipment from Singapore to Indonesia & daily hand-carry Singapore-Batam and we ship effectively and committed to providing the best service to Indonesia.
By partnering with us, your company eligible to use our office address in Singapore as the main shipping address and our staff with help you label the address on the package to your customer directly. Our company offers you a simple way to import your goods to Indonesia by using Singapore as your transit point to Indonesia. Few benefits on using Singapore as transit points:

  • No customs hassle, as in Singapore the customs import tax and procedure is fair and square based on the regulation stated.
  • Singapore based address is recognized by online retailers around the world.
  • By using Singapore address, you able to get more profiles on your account in an online merchant.
  • Singapore address is more reliable to track online with International Shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etceteras.
  • You can consolidate your shipment through Singapore to save more cost.
  • You are able to shop any product locally ( in Singapore) with more variant and easy access.
  • Obtain a free address to use for your shipment internationally.
  • Received up to SGD$400 free tax from Singapore Customs (GST is calculated based on the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of the goods, together with all duties payable). Refer to: Singapore Custom
  • We help you to pay your import tax to a government with Free of Charge (FOC).

The company working together with local courier service in Indonesia such as Pos Indonesia, JNE, TIKI, DHL, EMS, WAHANA, etc and internationally with FedEx, UPS, TNT, DHL, USPS, etc.
Contact us now for any inquiry in regards to shipping to Indonesia or WhatsApp our number at +6281296055142.
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