What is the difference between traditional postal service and courier service? (Singapore post vs DHL)

Sometimes these questions are confusing as we just thought that the difference is the service type of the shipping method which is not right. Traditional postal service means the postal service that been provided by the government-owned postal service which providing the affordable to ship mail, packages, documents, etc (mostly mailing service) compared to the courier service which mostly provided by the private sector that providing the package delivery service for customers.

Few key difference between these two are:

1. Reliability 

Local traditional postal service has the image of less effective and efficient compared to the private company or courier service nowadays. The perceptions that the traditional postal service work quite slow compared to the private provider due to the technology advancement from the courier service and the time-definite commitment provided as well compared there are none urgent and time-definite service from the traditional postal services.

Most of the traditional postal service still owned by the local government as the service provided for the people on the way of communication in early days. As now telecommunication dominated by phone cellular which making the postal service less popular compare to the digital world.

Furthermore, by shipping with the courier, you can be assured that your goods are safely in the system all of the shipment is coded and following the standard operating procedure from the picking up, sorting facilities, efficient shipping time and allocation, and the delivery time, etc.

2. Cost

In term of costs, the local postal service can be cheaper in a way that the price sometimes subsidized by the government for nationwide shipping as the communication and shipping services between places in one country to help ensure the need of to communicate and trading information are met. Usually, the mail services dominated by the local post agency.

The courier service charges more as almost twice of shipping as they promised the customer the reality service or premium service compared to the local post office. Furthermore, as they use their own channel of shipping with tracking code and time-definite shipping, the courier service is offering the customers faster option as any urgent shipping needed.

In conclusion in regards to the cost represented, the customer needs to check on what kind of postal service that the customer needed and how urgent is it. If the customer needs a postal mailing service, the customer can opt for the local postal services as the service is cheaper and specialized in the mailing service provider. If the customer wants to send parcels and need the urgency when goods will arrive, it is advisable to use courier service instead.

3. Speed

In terms of speed of delivery, mostly courier service will offer a faster delivery option compared to local postal service as the price that offered is more expensive. Same day delivery service, next day delivery services or 2 days delivery services are common products that the company offered.

As the local postal services usually only offer the standard timing delivery that slower than courier delivery company offered as the local postal services mostly handle a lot of packages that need slower shipping time with lower pricing for the services.

With a time-sensitive parcel, the courier service offering fast and reliable service compared to the local postal services as it has been guaranteed shipping from the courier service.

4. Service options

Courier company also offered the tracking service which usually is charged free compared to local postal post that charges extra if the customer needs the tracking services. As with the tracking service, the customer can be self-assured that the goods are shipped properly within the time period been given to.

Additional services that the courier company offered is to ship the products or shipments to a specific person as usually, the courier company requires someone to sign on receipt as the postal service not able to offer the service.

Some couriers will even pack your items for you and offer concierge services and extra need such as refrigerated items, specific handling service, additional packaging such as crating, an extra layer of protection, etc, upon request or any custom made request for specific products or shipment.

Most importantly, you need to understand before commencing a shipment as how is the convenience of shipping your goods or products matter to you compared to the cost of shipping as time-sensitive goods need time-definite services as well.

As we understand the few challenges for customers on ordering goods to Indonesia are:

  • Many sites registered overseas do not recognize Indonesia registered address to send the packages due to the high case of credit card fraud.
  • The expense of shipping is quite expensive if you ship by the big 4; DHL, FedEx, TNT, and UPS.
  • Difficulties in clearing the customs clearance in Indonesia with a lot of bureaucracy.
  • Perception on high taxes as more than 1 tax you need to pay when you import the goods to Indonesia. Few are import tax, VAT tax, income tax, additional of luxury goods tax (if your goods under categorized of luxury goods).

SindoShipping specialized on liquid/ chemical items, medical products, & personal effects air shipment from Singapore to Indonesia & daily hand-carry Singapore-Batam and we ship effectively and committed to providing the best service to Indonesia.

By partnering with us, your company eligible to use our office address in Singapore as the main shipping address and our staff with help you label the address on the package to your customer directly. Our company offers you a simple way to import your goods to Indonesia by using Singapore as your transit point to Indonesia. Few benefits on using Singapore as transit points:

  • No customs hassle, as in Singapore the customs import tax and procedure is fair and square based on the regulation stated.
  • Singapore based address is recognized by online retailers around the world.
  • By using Singapore address, you able to get more profiles on your account in an online merchant.
  • Singapore address is more reliable to track online with International Shipping companies such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, etceteras.
  • You can consolidate your shipment through Singapore to save more cost.
  • You are able to shop any product locally ( in Singapore) with more variant and easy access.
  • Obtain a free address to use for your shipment internationally.
  • Received up to SGD$400 free tax from Singapore Customs (GST is calculated based on the Cost, Insurance, and Freight (CIF) value of the goods, together with all duties payable). Refer to: Singapore Custom
  • We help you to pay your import tax to a government with Free of Charge (FOC).

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