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Why Singapore excel as shipping hub by Sea?

Singapore since before the independence invites traders from all across the nations to berth and do trading in Singapore. As geographical wise, Singapore held the strategic places around South East Asia. Furthermore, Singapore has a lot of competitive advantage in terms of a shipping hub around the region.
With the leaders vision and the leadership that ensure Singapore as the main shipping hub around the region, Singapore able to thrive with lot of investment even from the private sectors that also envision Singapore to lead the region shipment route and have high stakes to ensure the development of shipping around South East Asia is excel between countries.
Singapore itself connected to almost 600 ports worldwide, and Singapore with high connectivity served as large ship able to berth in the main port and using feeder of the smaller ship to connect to the port of destination. With itself positioned the country as the largest transshipping hub in the world.
Furthermore, as the port of Singapore is listed as one of the largest capacity in the world, the port is able to cater to most of the shipment coming to the countries and handling almost 1 in 5 shipping container in the world. Many private sectors also booming as many of big players in container shipping have Singapore as their base and with the large scale operations, the port of Singapore also able to increase it’s activity and the operational cost as well. In the future, Singapore is building the largest port in the region with Tuas port that able to ensure the advancement of excellence port service with a technological advantage.
Singapore competitive advantage also ensures that Singapore as the leading hub that famous with its effectiveness and productivity as shipping business is time-sensitive. With low fee and facility pricing comparing to others port and high productivity, Singapore port can ensure to keep top position and place as the bar of other port to be improving themselves in the industry.
The additional advantage is the advancement of Singapore shipyard and repair that has the effectiveness and high-quality worker and companies in the industry if vessel service. With the high capacity and able to berth deepwater ship for the repair, the facility of Singapore port is in the top-notch for the region advantage.
Few things that can discourage the growth of Singapore to hold the positions are the unstable political and economical globally that able to affect the trading quantity, the trade war between USA and China also hinder the development of the growth as well. Another factor that able to affect the growth is the Silk Road maritime development by China, protectionism of trading by America, the security of maritime world globally, and the growth of other nearby seaports.
We believe that our company purpose is to simplify the process of shipping your goods to Indonesia. Our company jobs are:

  • Help you arranging your shipment from the point of origin to your destination effortlessly. As if required, we can arrange the pick up based on your request and time of pick up for delivery purposes at the point of origin.
  • Allow you to access the information at the real-time on where is the location of your goods during transit. We believe that our company needs to provide you with online real-time information where is the location is as we value your shipment and we understand on how important it is for you to be able to locate your goods in every step of delivery until it reached your destination safely.
  • Handle customs clearance and duty payment. With our expertise and our customs brokerage system, we will help you and your company to pay the tax to the customs and handle the paperwork based on Indonesia customs requests on behalf of you.
  • Support the development of your company to the next level. As we believe that our job is to keep you and your company grow if you want to build a customer based in Indonesia as an online retailer or seller, our time-definite shipment will help you cater to your customer needs.

Here are a few functions of the shipping company for the larger economy in the nations:

  • Express shipping company are able to network and reach world economy globally 

With the globalization, the express shipping company able to help individual or companies to ship the product globally and connect the countries in regards to indirect trade for the buying and selling process.

  • Expertise to navigate for import and export custom regulation

The express shipping company has a competitive advantage in regards to the import and export custom regulation based on the company operate. Even so, the big 4; DHL, UPS, FedEx, and TNT dominate the market globally, each express shipping company should be able to give an explanation and understand better the customs regulation regionally.
That is why a customer needs to find a company that has better knowledge in regards to customs regulation.

  • Overall cost savings for companies in the system of distribution

Nowadays, express shipping company able to help the industry which operates drop shipping services to the customer. The company does not need to have a lot of stock of goods standing by, the express shipping company able to help the company calculate the procurement and warehouse system for companies to deliver directly to the customer. (business to customer)
SindoShipping has been established as the best performance in freight forwarding service to Indonesia since 2001 in Singapore to bring the solution for the businesses or end-to-end customer which have been searching around for more affordable rates to ship their goods to all over the city in Indonesia, by using Singapore as the transit point, or the main shipping hub.
By creating a value of supply chain management for customer on handling the customer goods and business, we value each of our customers by performing in professional manner and with the highest integrity to excel and work effectively above their expectation and to be able to fulfil our customer demand by keeping our promises because we do believe how important each shipment or business that our customer trusted us with.
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