Shipping to Indonesia via postal service. Will it be ok?

Shipping to Indonesia via postal service or even courier service, the main problem as always is the Indonesian customs, as it is stated on their shipping policy that the shipment company not liable on customs exercise and the decision by customs clearance officer in regards of the tax and the procedure of shipping to Indonesia.

Shipping to Indonesia quite complex if you handle the shipping by yourself and directly arrange it via postal or courier service. Sometimes, the customs will ask the owner of the goods to come and settle all of the bills and additional documents needed to import the goods to Indonesia. When they found that your documentation or any additional info is not satisfying, your goods can be returned back to origin countries or the worst can be confiscated.

Postal service only caters up to the shipping port or airfreight cargo until it checks and passes through the customs clearance. It always stated in the fine print that additional shipping documents or taxes is beyond the jurisdiction of shipping post or courier and only bore by the customers/ recipients.

If you need any shipment, it is preferable to pass Singapore and ship it to Singapore and we will help you ship it to Indonesia with your complete instruction.

We believe that our company purpose is to simplify the process of shipping your goods to Indonesia. Our company jobs are:

  • Help you arranging your shipment from the point of origin to your destination effortlessly. As if required, we can arrange the pick up based on your request and time of pick up for delivery purposes at the point of origin.
  • Allow you to access the information at the real-time on where is the location of your goods during transit. We believe that our company needs to provide you with online real-time information where is the location is as we value your shipment and we understand on how important it is for you to be able to locate your goods in every step of delivery until it reached your destination safely.
  • Handle customs clearance and duty payment. With our expertise and our customs brokerage system, we will help you and your company to pay the tax to the customs and handle the paperwork based on Indonesia customs requests on behalf of you.
  • Support the development of your company to the next level. As we believe that our job is to keep you and your company grow if you want to build a customer based in Indonesia as an online retailer or seller, our time-definite shipment will help you cater to your customer needs.

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