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Granted it may mean the end of a fantastic holiday, but going back to school needn’t be a somber affair for kids and with a backpack full of Smiggle stationery it definitely won’t be dull. Let your kids wear and have popular stationeries for school only at Smiggle In Singapore. It’s funky, bright and hard to miss and makes your kids enjoy learning at school! Dear all lovely parents, let’s know more information for your kids in here, happy reading and hopefully you will shop and ship with us!

Smiggle is the ultimate destination for your kids while school essentials and Smiggle is the original creator of all things colourful, fun, unique and on trend. Smiggle provides several products from Stationary, Backpacks, Pencil Cases, and all of which have their own advantages and are very tempting to own. Smiggle has successfully captured the imagination of kids and tweens all around the world. Whilst children are drawn to the unique designs and bright colours, parents are drawn to the ability of the products to inspire kids to learn and create. Sindo shippers are free to choose the product with the type and size that you feel is the most suitable. But, before buying the products make sure you check the presence of additional advantages in the item you want.

Stationery soon became a must have item and slowly but surely, Smiggle was leading the way both on a local and global playing field. The product mix was cleverly built around colour blocks, encouraging children to build a collection of any one product, which helped drive multiple sales of the same item. The core range was primarily stationery, but it soon diversified beyond the classroom to include accessories.

We have a list of the best stationery essentials and accessories to make sure that your children can study in style, here’s our pick of the best school stationery for 2021 with Smiggle.

Smiggle Stationery Kit

Get all your stationery essentials sorted with this amazing away and write stuff for school from Smiggle! From pens, pencils and markers to notebooks, erasers and staplers, we’ve got all the coolest stationery and school supplies that the kids need for back to school. Packed full of fun features and zany designs, Smiggle is your one-stop-shop for high quality stationery!

Need a new pen pal? Smiggle’s colourful pens range has bucket loads of character, featuring pens with silicon animals and fluffy balls on top or characters in that box. Plus writing has never smelt so good! With so many fruity scents to collect and enjoy, our scented pens have become fan favourites with the kids. Bring some creativity and colour into the classroom with Smiggle’s great value multi pen and pencil packs. The mix of gel, glitter, neon and pastel Smiggle pens and coloured pencils are sure to fuel their creativity! And it doesn’t get much more fabulous than our glitter markers! The markers will male their artwork sparkle like a brilliant diamond who knows what masterpieces they’ll come up with!

Smiggle pen & pencil packs!

Colour their world and make your children smile and giggle with exciting pen and pencil packs from Smiggle! There are plenty of unique packs to choose from including gel pens, markers, scented pencils, colour-change pencils and more! The kids will get the best of both worlds with amazing pen and pencil packs too. Brighten up their school day with scented pencil packs! We think these are our best smelling pencils ever! The scented pencils have been updated to create a stronger and longer-lasting scent so the kids can enjoy their fresh, fruity scents for even longer, and it’s high time the kid’s met their new colour buddies! The Lil’ Scent pencil mega pack includes twelve coloured pencils with fruity scented character toppers and eight printed greylead pencils with eraser toppers. The scented pencil mega pack is the coolest coloured pencil set around and is bursting with fruity characters for the kids to play with. The mega pack is packed to the brim with stationery including, twelve coloured pencils with fruity scented character toppers, eight printed greylead pencils with eraser toppers and a Lil’ pencil sharpener.

Smiggle colourful notebooks

From lined notebooks and notepads to lockable journals and exercise books, Smiggle has all the coolest and most colourful stationery and school supplies. We’ve got everything the kids will need for jotting, doodling, writing and scribbling! With so many high quality embellishments, pretty characters and bright designs, Smiggle is your one stop stationery shop! The kids can keep all their thoughts and secrets under lock and key with a lovely tactile lockable notebook. Not only are they lockable but these notebooks are also covered in fancy tactile fabrics that really make the designs come alive! Check out adorable designs like a cuddly bear with glasses on, a soccer ball pattern or everyone’s favourite…unicorns! As if unicorns weren’t cute enough to begin with, in walked the Cutie Corns. Check out their adorable faces on glamourous looking A5 reversible sequin notebooks. Taking notes just got a whole lot more fun in these super-pretty notebooks.

SMIGGLE is the world’s hottest stationery brand and is a treasure trove filled with everything you need for school, homework, the office or play. Smiggle stores are bursting with bright, bold, fashionable and innovative stationery, bags, lunchboxes, accessories, gadgets, toys and more…The stationery will bring some brightness and playfulness to every kid’s day! Shop for all the most colourful and lovable kids notebooks, exercise books and desk essentials online at Smiggle now.

Where To Find It: Smiggle Stores In Singapore And Smiggle Online

Come on, let’s shop and use Smiggle for your child’s school needs and choose the stationeries that your child likes the most! For your information, Sindo shipping offers Personal shopper services to buy goods from abroad which is also a service of delivery of finished goods in addition to assisting in delivery we can also help in the storage of goods according to your needs, the provisions of jastip are:

●  inventory depends on stock and availability and delivery time depends on the slot of the seller.

●  purchase of goods must be done in advance and transferred to BCA account – charges 10 percent from the purchase or 15 SGD which ever greater.

If you ship with Sindo shipping, the price are cheaper and safer than other shipping services from abroad to Indonesia. You don’t have to go outside the house anymore to buy the goods you want, and of course it is more efficient. The delivery is also guaranteed safe, practical, and reliable and there are also many testimonials that we get from our customers. If you would like to use our services for more information about the delivery of goods you can contact us through 081296055142, stay connect and follow all social media:


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