Shipping to Indonesia for You, cheaper and more affordable

Express delivery nowadays become a trend as with less “mall” time or peoples visiting the brick and mortar shop, more individuals tend to purchase almost everything online and with further cash on the delivery system, the buyer finds more convenience and feeling safer while purchasing some goods online.

The development of last 10 years of online industry is so rapid that the even the traditional retailer try to grasp the market for “the future” industry with customers now opting with less human interaction for buying process and 24 hours shopping on the mobile phone with whatever comes in customers mind, they will do research for the particular goods or service to find out more on the internet.

“Convenience” is the right word for today’s shopping industry as long as the customer knows what they want, they will find it online, research about it, and ordering it with the expectation that the goods will arrive soon at the doorstep.

But knowingly, in this market for express delivery, the price can be such a sensitive thing and based on our research,  most of the buyers prefer to buy the goods with free delivery. With a lot of promos nowadays as well from the large online marketplace even offering the free shipping options to boost the sales.

Now here the role of express shipping provider will determine, as most of the online buyer frustrated with delayed shipping and wanting the good to arrive as soon as possible with exception of the lowest shipping cost as possible as well.  

Some common dissatisfaction for the online shopper with express delivery shipping service are:

  • Longer waiting time for the goods to arrive in the destination.
  • Shipment delivery not been taking care of by the delivery provider. Such as left unattended while delivery, carelessness by the delivery driver, or unreliable delivery by shipping agency.
  • There is no certain time on the exact shipping slot as a local traditional shipping service provider by no means able to put the goods to the time slot of delivery. It might cause there is someone needed to attend to the goods delivered in the destination address.
  • The parcel being lost while in transit during delivery time.
  • The goods damaged during the shipment process which can cater to the loss of value of the goods or resulting in the goods becoming unusable.

Nowadays, shipping can be concluded as the support of service extension for the product that the company sells online or has distance drawbacks or means the customer needs to travel to obtain the goods physically. In this case, the shipping itself can be a factor for a consumer to retain the excitement and the good feeling (serotonin) when to consume or use the products.

Is there anything that I can do to avoid checks by the customs clearance or less attention so my goods can arrive faster?

Some express shipping secrets to obtaining faster and uninterruptable delivery are to have smaller packages of the box instead of bigger packages and buy the product not in wholesome but in little quantity to lower the taxable prices. 

It is important for you to understand how to package the goods as best as possible like a professional as it will help a lot during your goods or package it the transit. Usually, goods weighted more than 10kg with a lot of the same quantity can be considered as trading goods imported by the company and should be taxable.

So the minimum tax levy in your country where you imported the goods is unusable as usually the minimum tax levy is considered as only for gift goods or personal goods. The smaller size in the package means less attention to the customs.

Furthermore, by buying the goods in smaller quantity, it will help you as well to avoid checks and faster delivery as with less invoice amount, the chance that your goods to be stop and checks by the customs is lower and will help as well with the tax threshold. 

General knowledge in shipping goods to Indonesia 

As the growth of internet users is almost the largest in Greater Jakarta, the area is the most penetrated of online shoppers in Indonesia. The market even from the online shopping import can be as staggering up to 50-60 percent from the total population. Due to the central economy of Indonesia and where more capital sourced from, Greater Jakarta population ordering a lot of products from abroad.

Most of the goods imported in express delivery service market are tend to be smaller in size but high value or in urgent need for such as medication, therapy, vitamins, supplement, etc. 

In Indonesia, importation of goods by EMS (Express Mail Service) is monopolized by Pos Indonesia. EMS is a cheaper alternative compared to DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, etc. But with monopolization by Pos Indonesia. The goods imported to the country through Pos Indonesia tend to be slower as more goods in the queue for customs clearance.

Furthermore, another drawback is you need to pay by cash and in person at Pos Indonesia offices to collect your goods not mentioning if any complicated bureucracy in the process.

As the drawback for the four largest express shipping company such DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT are the high price that they quote to send the goods to Indonesia from abroad and not to mention the complicated customs process as the customer need to arrange for the import payment or any documentation needed by customs clearance.

And that is the reason why more Indonesian opted for private local shipping agencies that can handle shipping door to door from country origin to Indonesia with customs clearance brokerage system.

What is the customs clearance brokerage system?

It is whereas the shipping company will represent the shipper or recipient to pay the necessary tax and presenting necessary documents if needed to the customs. Furthermore, the system helps the customer worry about the goods help in customs or the goods imported not fulfilling the import requirements.

As SindoShipping offers the customer this service with door to the door price quote, our customer really benefited from this scheme as the goods can arrive faster as expected and safe while in transit.

As we understand how every shipment is important to you in a timely manner, SindoShipping committed to providing your business a service not like any other shipping company as we have established ourselves as the best freight forwarding service to Indonesia since 2001 and with our exclusive co-operation with TIKI, Pos Indonesia, JNE, JET Express (J&T), Wahana, Pahala Express, EMS, FedEx Indonesia, DHL Indonesia, etc, your business gets the benefits of our vast network, high quality standard service, easy to access form of communication (you can contact us by WhatsApp for better response), advanced tracking system, and localize partners and local airlines all over the country.

You as the user of shipping service to Indonesia most of the time felt that shipping to Indonesia should be easier for you or for everyone who wants to order online goods or shipping to Indonesia.

The experience sometimes is overwhelming if you consider on some nights that you not be able to sleep soundly because of some shipment held up in Indonesia custom without any clarity on why the shipment is “stuck” there in the Soekarno Hatta airport (shipment by air) or Tanjong Priok (shipment by sea) or maybe you have done shipping by some company that always have red light or green light system which is common in Indonesia shipping industry.

SindoShipping committed to providing your business performance standards, great air freight rates, and the flexibility to meet your changing needs. Our comprehensive portfolio of time-definite, guaranteed, and with cost-saving options means we can meet your air freight requirements with confidence and reliability.

  • Hand Carry – Dedicated courier assigned to maintain in-transit, end-to-end physical possession of your same-day delivery shipment to Batam, Indonesia from Singapore and vice versa on daily basis with smooth clearance (Singapore- Batam daily)
  • Vast Cooperation with Local Airlines– Next-flight-out, major local airline cooperation, specialized air cargo courier services providing an extensive countrywide solution for your business.
  • Secure – When your shipment requires added security to ensure it arrives safely and remains intact. Our experienced staff can create a solution that meets your needs, for virtually any size shipment
  • Inside Precision – Provides services seamlessly integrated with TIKI transportation networks for time-definite inside pickup or delivery of high-value products. Our professional crews can meet your delivery challenges and manage on-site shipments, complete door-to-door service, unpacking, setup, and inside delivery
  • Value Added Services – Specialised equipment and shipment handling designed to meet your domestic or international freight forwarding service to Indonesia.
  • Online Tracking – Our advanced technology means that you are able to check on a time basis your shipment since its departure from our facility.

Furthermore, with rapid internet development and online purchase products globally, our company able to set up a system for you or your company to expand your business to Indonesia market distribution/ shipment. Our channels expanded across the nation from the western part to the most eastern part of Indonesia.

By partnering with us, you have the privilege to use our office address in Singapore as the main shipping and recipient address and our staff with help you label the address on the package to your customer directly.

Do contact our agents immediately for any further information, furthermore, you are eligible to use our Singapore address for your orders, contact, or any delivery to create a smooth operation for your company shipment.

The common question that asked before using our delivery service by the customer are:

How I can ensure my goods are safe or won’t lose during transit?

Our system with technology ensures the location of your goods for your peace of mind. As our company cooperated with the major players in the shipping industry, all of the shipping is traceable in real time. 

Can I pay COD (Cash On Delivery) or when my goods have arrived safely for the shipping service?

Unfortunately, you cant, because we using the local service shipping partner such as Tiki, JNE, J&T Express, Pahala Express, etc, the courier is not able to collect on our behalf so that is why we apply for full payment before the commencement of shipping. But please do ensure that our shipping is based on industry standard and the safety of your goods is our utmost priority.

Why sometimes I need to wait longer to receive my goods?

Indonesia customs clearance system sometimes can be overloaded with incoming goods to Indonesia especially during holidays. With the development of the shipping internationally and to prevent any illegal goods to Indonesia, customs clearance tighten the checks on some certain period, mostly before the big holiday in Indonesia as festive period is the time where more illegal drug or smuggling happened.

Another factor that needs to always weight in is the customs clearance system that slower in Indonesia due to technology. In Singapore, the permit can be issued in minutes, but in Indonesia, need days to issue an import permit. The Indonesian government needs to keep improving the measure as to make its importation system more effective.

Is there any insurance provided by SIndoShipping?

Yes, there is. Our in house insurance covered if any goods or parcel not received during transit or shipment. It covered up to SGD $150 or IDR 1,500,000 per shipment per person.

Can I arrange for a delivery slot with SindoShipping to my place?

As we also outsource local delivery, it is not possible to arrange delivery slot but please do keep track your shipment online and expect the goods delivered to you on office hours.

What if the goods damaged during transit?

Our commitment to our customers is to provide the best service and high standard of shipping while handling customers goods. As while in our control, please do ensure the goods treated in the lowest risk as possible and in tremendous care. But unfortunately, some of the factors we can’t control while in transit, or in airport cargo, while transport, or during delivery. Please be ensure, we only cooperate our service with local deliveries that have proven track record in handling customer goods and another important part that we always tell our customers is to ensure the best packaging for less risk for damaged goods during transit.