Jasa Pengiriman Terbaik ke Indonesia

What is the best way to ship clothes, cosmetics, vitamins, health products to Indonesia?

Best way to ship goods to Indonesia is via Singapore as there are no green light and red light system and your goods can arrive and safer in Indonesia. As if you ship it directly to Indonesia, you have chances that your goods might be confiscated, missing, or taking a lot of delays as Indonesian customs is quite strict in regards if the requirement.
If the Indonesian customs are not satisfied with the documentation that you have presented and need additional documents, your goods might be held in customs without any further notice. As for cosmetics, vitamins and health products, the customs usually required the documentation permit from the Indonesian Ministry of Health for particular goods.
Our company is able to help you to import and help you obtain the specific permit needed as we can reason that your goods only be used for personal goods and not for distribution as in small quantity. Our agents are able to help you obtain the pass needed to import your e-commerce shopping to Indonesia.
As Indonesia e-commerce market is still growing, many Indonesian are starting to shop internationally from other countries globally. It is our company obligation to help Indonesian or companies to ship their order and product to Indonesia without any hassle from customs clearance. With our extensive experience in handling the personal and companies goods for distribution in Indonesia, we are more than capable to help your business thrive in the Indonesia market.
Always to use Air shipment compared to Sea shipment for your particular goods as to the aviation system of shipping is more efficient and less hassle compared you shipped by sea in Indonesia.
Our best advice to our customer is to use SindoShipping Singapore’s address as the destination address for your online shopping and we will help you handle your goods to Indonesia via Batam as it can reach faster to your ultimate destination in Indonesia. With our network, the goods can reach Jakarta at least 3-5 days from Singapore when we received your cargo in our warehouse address.
With the affordable rate and timely manner, do ensure your goods are safe and you able to expect your shipment arrived as immediate due to our TIKI (titipan kilat) company cooperation. TIKI is the largest shipping courier company in Indonesia and with the sole cooperation, we are able to ensure the tracking and shipping system are efficient and arrived at the specific time frame.
That is why a customer needs to find a company that has better knowledge in regards to customs regulation.

  • Overall cost savings for companies in the system of distribution

Nowadays, express shipping company able to help the industry which operates drop shipping services to the customer. The company does not need to have a lot of stock of goods standing by, the express shipping company able to help the company calculate the procurement and warehouse system for companies to deliver directly to the customer. (business to customer)
SindoShipping has been established as the best performance in freight forwarding service to Indonesia since 2001 in Singapore to bring the solution for the businesses or end-to-end customer which have been searching around for more affordable rates to ship their goods to all over the city in Indonesia, by using Singapore as the transit point, or the main shipping hub.
Here are the charges of our shipping to Indonesia from Singapore by air:

  • All Charges inclusive Indonesia custom tax and brokerage fee
  • Estimates arrival time: 3-5 working days to the destination Java and Sumatra

Charges for AIR shipment from Singapore to Indonesia:
1. Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi (Jabodetabek) = IDR 200.000/Kg
2. Bali – Kalimantan – Sulawesi = IDR 230.000/Kg
3. Papua = IDR 300.000/Kg
4. Khusus barang Branded seperti Tas dan Sepatu (Bags and Shoes)= IDR 250.000/Kg
5. Barang Elektronik (Komputer / Hp)  (Electronic)= IDR 1.500.000 / Unit
Notes for all shipment:
If you have shipment from any other countries except from Singapore, China or US, we only handle the charges from Singapore to Indonesia per kg as the shipment charges from initial country to Singapore are paid by shipper (Sindoshipping able to help to arrange if needed from country of origin if needed via DHL).