Shipping goods from abroad to Indonesia is not a difficult thing but also some things to note, especially the issue of incoming taxes or terms that are often heard is customs. The latest regulation from the Government through Customs has established the latest import provisions related to consigned goods stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance number PMK 199/PMK.10/2019 and will come into force on January 30, 2020. In this rule Customs adjusts the value of exemption of customs duties on consigned goods from the previous USD 75 to USD 3 per shipment. While the tax levy in the framework of imports (PDRI) is imposed normally. However, the government also rationalized the tariff from the beginning ranging from ± 27.5% – 37.5% (import duty 7.5%, VAT 10%, PPh 10% with NPWP, and PPh 20% without NPWP) to ± 17.5% (import duty 7.5%, VAT 10%, PPh 0%).

“Director of International and Interagency Customs, Syarif Hidayat revealed that although import duties on consigned goods are subject to a single tariff, the government pays special attention to the inputs submitted by craftsmen and producers of much-loved goods and floods from abroad.” This resulted in bags, shoes, and garment products in the country not selling. As some craftsmen know bags and shoes are many who roll out and only sell Chinese products,” he said.

Considering the impact caused by the proliferation of these products, the government has set normal import duty rates for bags, shoes, and garment commodities of 15%-20% for bags, 25%-30% for shoes, and 15%-25% for textile products with VAT of 10%, and PPh of 7.5% to 10%. “The determination of this normal tariff in order to create fair treatment in taxation or level playing field between domestic products that are mostly from IKM and taxed with imported products through freight and distributor imports through general cargo,” said Syarif.”

From the latest provisions, of course, it is necessary to be careful about the delivery of goods for import to Indonesia. Especially branded category goods that cost more tax entry to Indonesia. Like some of the list of international leading brands that we already know with high item value

1. Armani (Brand value: USD 3.5 billion)

2. Fendi (Brand value: USD 3.6 billion)

3. House of Versace (Brand value: USD 5.5 billion)

5. Burberry (Brand value: USD 5.72 billion)

6. Prada (Brand value: USD 6.5 billion) 

7. Chanel (Brand value: USD 8.9 billion)

8. Gucci (Brand value: USD 13.8 billion)

9. Hermes (Brand value: USD 18,938 billion)

10. Louis Vuitton (Brand value: USD 27,445 billion)

In addition to the list of 10 branded bags with expensive value there are still more such as Coach, etc. And not to miss there are also shoes, clothes and accessories such as watches with famous brands and high value.

The desire to buy branded bags is getting higher whether for business or social life makes the delivery of branded goods increased. Then how do I send it? Is it subject to high customs clearance if buying branded bags from abroad? And for the delivery of branded goods why through Sindoshipping?

One-by-one we will discuss in detail and the reasons for using Sindo shipping services

1. Because Sindo shipping overseas delivery services to Indonesia through transit singapore via air freight and all our shipments are all in including customs. So shipping will be safer and easier without the need for goods to be held back because of taxes.

2. Apart from Singapore we can send from outside Singapore such as Malaysia, America, etc. For the cost we provide the best for you, such as, branded category goods such as shoes and clothes shipping costs Rp 250.000/kg with term &condition.

If sending branded goods with high value how?

If branded goods are categorized as bags worth less than 40,000,000 will be charged 300,000/pcs and more than 40,000,000 will be charged 1,000,000/pcs. Outside shipping costs according to the intended place.

Then if you send goods from outside Singapore will be taxed?

Yes, because every item that enters Singapore if the value is more than 400SGD will be charged 7% GST. But we provide a solution if the value of goods more than 3500SGD we will charge handling fee 250SGD where the delivery through the tax-free line.

That way your delivery remains smooth and safe for tax entry into Indonesia. For those of you who want to buy or send various kinds of branded bag imported from abroad and need a reliable shipping service, Sindo shipping is a trusted solution. Don’t forget to send your goods using Sindo Shipping, which is ready to deliver your order safely. Come on guys!! What are you waiting for? Immediately use the delivery service to buy at Sindo Shipping right now! And don’t forget if you want to send the item from or abroad, you can use Sindo Shipping services to save on shipping costs. Get a variety of other useful information about shipping goods, and you can apply it in your daily life, via our website or our Instagram @SINDOSHIPPING  or you can contact whatsapp at number 081296055142 / 082145058370. Don’t forget we have a special discount 20% available for our new users!

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(Writer by: Lidya Team Sales Sindo shipping)