To live daily life, human beings certainly need a variety of needs. Speaking of human needs, then there are several types of needs that need to be met according to their intensity.

First, primary needs. Primary needs are basic needs aka primary needs that must be fulfilled in order for humans to survive. It is in the form of food, clothing, some may also require daily care such as skincare, soap, shampoo, and others.

The second need is secondary, maybe some of you who work need goods such as: mobile phones, computers, cameras, headphones and other electronic devices.

Last is the tertiary need. This one needs to be categorized as a luxury need. Some of you may want to buy such as clothes, bags, watches, branded shoes, then it belongs to the category of tertiary needs.

In the midst of a pandemic like this it may be more difficult to make direct shopping to the supermarket because we still want to run physical distancing in order to maintain health. But we do not have to worry anymore because now everything can be much easier with online shopping, you can buy any item, anytime and anywhere easily.

Jastip is also known as Personal Shopper, a job in and out of stores, malls or large marchants with some well-known brands in accordance with the wishes of customers who believe in their services. And who does not know the services personal shopper goods in the present time that can be very helpful for you to buy your goods online from stores abroad, by using titip services you can also get a lot of benefits. Advantages by using the services of goods:

Not complicated and Easy

Only with your phone or computer, you can buy the goods you want from stores abroad such as shoes, clothes, electronic devices, nack import and others easily using our titip services. You only order the items you want from home, and we’ll help you buy your stuff online and deliver it to your destination address safely.

Save Time

For those of you who do not have time out of the house let alone in a pandemic like this because the operating hours of the store is limited while you have to work / take care of the household, you can take advantage of our titip services. And it can save time on shopping while still working.

More affordable

prices as we know overseas stores often get massive discounts, so by shopping from overseas stores can make us more frugal and also you do not have to go outside the house anymore to buy the goods you want so we can stay safe by staying at home alone. And of course by using sindo personal shopper will facilitate the safe delivery of goods.

Speed of Delivery

Personal shopper service focuses on the purchase manually so that for the delivery time follows the time of the perpetrator personal shopper when visiting the country, usually open jastip in open from afar such as H-30 before they leave so they can make a list and details of what items are purchased when visiting and looking for information about where to buy the goods, after buying goods will be taken home by a personal seller then after arriving in Indonesia then the goods are sent according to the address of the viewer, if using the service Sindo shipping estimated delivery time already has regulations, namely for Singapore is 7-10 Days, no need to wait long after doing the transaction of goods will be directly purchased and in the process of sending to your address in Indonesia.


Using titip Sindo shipping services your goods are ensured security because we are based on delivery services also so all the goods you buy when the transaction is paid is no need to worry about taxation problems up to Customs because all have been taken care of and guaranteed goods that you ordered up to and in accordance with what you ordered and all processes are done legally.

Also Applying Physcial Distancing

Encouragement #STAYATHOME to reduce the spread of coronavirus makes us have to be at home, diligently wash our hands and apply physical distancing for the sake of health and safety of ourselves and the community environment. Activities and interactions that can be done outside the home should be limited including shopping for our needs. But by shopping using the service titip goods you will shop very easily and just wait at home.

Those are some of the advantages of using online delivery services that we can provide. Sindo shipping offers titip services to buy goods from abroad which is also a service of delivery of finished goods in addition to assisting in delivery we can also help in the storage of goods according to your needs.

The provisions of jastip are:

  • inventory depends on stock and availability and delivery time depends on the slot of the seller.
  • purchase of goods must be done in advance and transferred to bca account ā€“ charges 10 percent from the purchase or 15 sgd which ever greater.

How do I store items in sindo jastip?

How jastip Sindoshipping By using jastip (Personal Shopper) we can ordered goods are ensured in accordance with the to be purchased and of course until the destination address safely as ordered certainly do not have to worry because all goods ordered are guaranteed and covered by our warranty.

Here’s how our jastip works:

  1. Contact us sindoshipping +62812965055142
  2. Send a list of goods and the value of goods you want to buy or a website where you want to buy goods
  3. Once the goods are available will be packed by our party
  4. Ready-made goods will be delivered to our Warehouse located in Singapore
  5. And for payment all we will send via whatsapp, for you who are always connected for tracking goods and billing fees

It’s easy to choose Sindo shipping service, as easy as buying directly on the website and shipping costs are cheaper and safer than other shipping services from abroad to Indonesia, so you do not have to go outside the house anymore to buy the goods you want and of course more efficient. The delivery is also guaranteed safe, practical, and reliable and there are also many testimonials that we get from our customers.

So if you would like to use our services for more information about the delivery of goods you can contact us through 081296055142, keep connect and folllow our instagram @sindoshipping. Dont forget to always stay read a lot of information on our official website

Happy shopping and shipping with sindo shipping everyone!

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