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If you like to travel and shop to Singapore and are confused because of the large number of your groceries, dirty laundry, shoe boxes, mobile phones, or bags that are dearly discarded or many souvenirs until you are a bit confused how to send them to Indonesia, now there is no need to be confused anymore because Sindo Shipping has just launched a service to pick up goods from the hotel where you stay at a fairly affordable cost.

Sindo Shipping was established in 2014 and which is a specialist in shipping goods to Indonesia or from Indonesia to abroad that has been in the industry for a long time. One of Sindo Shipping’s stake holders has been known since 2004 for freight forwarding and shipping from Singapore to Indonesia and sees a lot of requests for delivery to Indonesia for personal or personal goods from Singapore with shipments average from 1-2 kg.

With a very easy delivery method, you just need to leave it at the concierge where you stay and our team will come pick up and pack your goods and send them to Indonesia starting from IDR 190,000 per kg. The price offered is quite cheap in comparison need to pay an additional cost of kilograms for your aircraft. Due to the considerable customer demand where many customers request that groceries are taken from hotels and concierges, Sindo Shipping officially started the delivery system. Many customers are quite confused when shopping in Singapore and find that many empty boxes are dearly discarded or souvenirs are quite a lot and heavy or overweight suitcases.

This service is valid up to Sentosa Island with additional entrance fee to Orchard area or other areas in Singapore if you need delivery of goods to Indonesia. In addition, SindoShipping also provides additional services for the purchase of goods offline or online in Singapore if there is a customer shipping goods that need such services. Starting from medicines from doctors or clinics, beauty products, vitamins, etc., our company can help you or your acquaintances who need purchasing services in Singapore to local stores.

Jastip (personal shopper service) or online or offline purchase process covers all websites or addresses in Singapore that can be accessed. For payment system that we can do is PayNow, Debit / Credit Card, Cash, etc. You just need to contact one of our customer service and process the order, payment, pick up, and delivery. Recently, due to restrictions on tourists or international visitors from abroad by the Singapore government, many of the customers requested additional services to buy medicines from clinics or hospitals in Singapore for personal use and deliver them to Indonesia.

You just need to tell our customer service about the details of the pickup address, whether it has been paid (we can help the payment process), the patient’s name, and delivery address in Indonesia. Our staff will process your request as soon as possible and make the necessary arrangements, we can also help transfer the drug payment system or pay in cash at the doctor or clinic.

Some hospitals and clinics in Orchard, Novena, Chinatown, Outram Park, etc., already use our services to help deliver medicines or supplements to their patients in Indonesia. This service we provide to our clients because we understand how important the need for regular consumption of drugs by patients in Indonesia. If you have any type of medicine that you want to help buy to pharmacy or clinic can also contact us because SindoShipping has several pharmacy partners in Singapore. We only need a passport and address in Indonesia in the process of purchasing the drug.

In addition, Sindo Shipping also provides remittance services from home and abroad to assist in the process of purchasing goods or medicines from doctors or clinics or pharmacies in Singapore. Moreover, the services we provide are also included in the delivery of goods from our company (in bundles). Contact our staff to find out the best rate of remittance.

Delivery of goods from Korea and Japan via Singapore

Due to the large demand for shipments from Korea and Japan to Indonesia, Sindo Shipping provides transit delivery services from Korea and Japan. The sender can deliver the goods to our warehouse address in Singapore and we will forward to the address in Indonesia. Why use Singapore as a transit point? for consumer goods weighing only a few kilos, cargo clearance via Singapore is faster and easier to Indonesia compared direct from Korea to Indonesia. Contact our agents now for more info.

In addition, our goods delivery service from Indonesia out of the country has a fairly affordable rate by using Singapore as a transit point. Shipping via Singapore using DHL becomes quite cheap because Singapore as a hub of shipment from Southeast Asia to overseas (shipping abroad) and vice versa.

Due to the large number of requests, we also serve shipments from Malaysia or to Malaysia. With SindoShipping delivery system, customers can receive goods with an estimated 4-5 days in Malaysia from Indonesia. Our company has the main purpose as a provider of goods delivery services easily, cheaply, and quickly to Indonesia.

Our company’s commitment as a provider of goods delivery services are:

  • Helps you to arrange the delivery of goods starting from the point of pickup points of goods to your destination easily and quickly. In accordance with your request, we can arrange the schedule of pickup of goods in the process of delivery from the place you have specified based on the time that has been set from the place of origin of the goods before delivery in the run.
  • Provide you with access to information directly or in real-time and transparently as to where your goods are located while in transit or in each delivery process. We believe that every company that provides delivery of goods must provide the latest information about the location of goods belonging to consumers because we highly appreciate every item you deliver in the process of delivery of goods and know how valuable the trust of consumers in every shipment of goods that have been entrusted to our company.
  • Assist you in the process of claiming customs duties and payments to the relevant agencies during the process of importing goods to Indonesia. With our specialization and customs broker system that we have, we can help each customer to pay import tax or other taxes to customs and help represent you submit the necessary documents in the delivery process.

With the development of the trading system of overseas companies that want to develop their markets in Indonsia, we believe that the process of shipping goods in the future will continue to grow and develop. Every year, the development of goods delivery service system in Indonesia and around the world grows up to double digits compared to other industries. This development is also caused by the middle income class which is mostly occupied by millennials who are very sensitive to the development of technology.

if you want to import from abroad and need a reliable shipping service, Sindo shipping is a trusted solution. Don’t forget to shop and shipping using Sindo Shipping, which is ready to deliver your order to your home safely. So, what are you waiting for? You can use the delivery service to buy your goods at Sindo Shipping right now! And don’t forget if you want to send the item from or abroad, you can use Sindo Shipping services to save on shipping costs. Contact our staff now for any inquiry or you have any question that needs to be answered in regards to shipping to Indonesia. Please do not hesitate to check as consultation is absolutely at+62 812-9605-5142 and follow our instagram @Sindoshipping.


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