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The Korean fashion industry is getting a strong established reputation for quality, magnificence and being fashion forward. Here are some gorgeous trends that you should definitely give a try. During these past few months, Korean fashion has been taking over the world. Korean music, movies, celebrities as well as fashion have particularly been under the international spotlight. Here is the information about stunning Korean fashion trends from sindo shipping, please read carefully because it can give you some information and inspiration.

Sindo shippers friends could say that South Korea has had an influence on global pop culture, but that would be a massive understatement. In fact cited by, the country’s pop culture ascendency has been so historic there’s even a unique term that describes its impact on so many areas of how we live today: Hallyu also known as the Korean Wave. If you’ve taken note of the rise in Korean beauty, film, television, and music, you’ve already experienced the effect of Hallyu, which further cements the East Asian country’s position as a world power. Names like Bong Joon Ho and BTS are at the forefront of the entertainment industry, while brands like Soko Glam lead the beauty world. And with these examples as references, it feels as though Korean culture is leaving a molten gold path of modern culture and viral popularity in its wake. While more and more of the world turns its eyes towards the country, there’s another area on which it’s putting its Midas touch: fashion.

As South Korea continues to be a leading source for the Next Big Thing and contributes to the larger conversation around globalization, it only makes sense that its league of designers would be among the industry’s ones to watch for a look at what’s to come. Whether it’s the next round of trends or sartorial commentary on cultural changes, the South Korean fashion scene which has seen a surge in government funding and programs like Concept Korea in recent years is, without a doubt, not one to ignore. Here are some Korean fashion trends which are currently in vogue and that might likely be popular going into 2021 from website,

Tennis Skirts

Tennis skirts exist almost everywhere but have been particularly popular in the Korean streets. Best worn alone, Tennis skirts can be a great asset if you are aiming for an adorable look. As an addition to your clothing collection, tennis skirts work well with various tops and shoes.

The simple, pleated detail of a tennis skirt has allowed this garment to move from just the tennis court to the streets and now one of the top trending clothing items amongst sneaker and streetwear fans. Whether you’re heading to Wimbledon in the near future or are just looking for an easy, wardrobe staple you can get styling with your favourite white sneakers, we’ve rounded up the best tennis skirt outfits we’re loving this season to bring you some styling inspo and outfit ideas straight from the gram.

When it comes to choosing the perfect size, be sure to check out the size guides, located on each retailers ‘about’ section usually listed beneath the product image to make sure you pick the perfect size and don’t have to worry about any pesky return processes. If you’re looking to add a Nike tennis skirt to your collection then we suggest going true to size to ensure the waist band and fitted insert fits comfortably. The lightweight, stretchy fabric means there is wiggle room when it

comes to the fit and sizing of a pleated tennis skirt. We’ve curated our top tennis skirt outfits from some of the best sneaker collectors and fashion influencers on Instagram right now to give you a little inspo for how to style your tennis skirts this season. Switch up your everyday, go-to looks from leggings or denim this summer and opt for a retro-style pleated skirt to pair with your most-loved summery sneakers.


Are you looking for an outstanding look for special occasions? Then the Modern Hanbok might be the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Modern Hanbok has been made less hefty, brighter and even easier to wear than the previous traditional version.

The hanbok (traditional Korean clothing) has a history as colourful as each garment. It was worn daily up until about a century ago; however, it remains an important part of Korean culture, with people wearing it on special occasions and holidays. We take a closer look. Hanbok can be classified into everyday, ceremonial and special dress, and then further categorised by gender, age and season. Regardless of the differences in these classifications, the basic aesthetic framework of all hanbok is centred around the Korean fondness for the natural, the desire for supernatural protection and blessings and the Confucian dress code, which emphasises propriety and primary colours.

Puffed Sleeves

This trend definitely adds some elegance to otherwise common clothing designs. Swept through Korea this past year, puffed sleeves has also been particularly worn by Korean celebrities. Dresses as well as shirts featuring this style are ultra-popular right now.

Sindo shipper friends might have thought that the days of this 80s-inspired comeback trend were numbered but supersized sleeves are here to stay. Puff sleeves and balloon sleeves (potato/potato, but if you’re being picky the balloon sleeve gathers back to arm-width, while the puff sleeve may not) are everywhere for summer 2021, from the runways to the high street. And since they’ve been a firm fixture on the design radar for almost three years now, the chances are you’ll have a few pieces from last summer to recycle, too. Looking to add to your wardrobe? Choose your item and up, up and away; balloon sleeves are sure to instantly lift your spirits. Shop our edit of puff sleeve dresses, blouses and tops.

Button-Up Dress

If you are looking for a more formal clothing style, button-up dresses have both a semi-casual and semi-professional approach. These chic dresses come in various styles and goes well with high heels and boots too.

Oversized Tops

Oversized top is definitely a must-have for Koreans. Korean fashion has perfected the art of wearing it. You can style it in many ways and pair it with jeans, shirts and as well as shorts. This might as well add up to your Korean streetwear wardrobe.

Oversized t-shirts are large, comfy and loose. Learn how to look shapely and put together in your favorite oversized tee with six different styles like the French tuck, bra tuck, classic tucked in t-shirt, knotted tee and more. When oversized tees, hoodies and shirts fill your closet, it helps to have ways to polish your look like the French tuck. Don’t worry, styling oversized shirts does not require a PhD. Try these tucked and knotted styles with snug jeans or with a belt for a nineties look. They all add definition around the waist so you can wear your oversized tees with skirts too.

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