Collagen Drink for Skin Health, Need or Not? GET TO KNOW AND SHIPPED IT ONLY WITH SINDO SHIPPING

Sindo shipper friends rely on collagen drink supplements to maintain healthy skin. The benefits of collagen supplements are predicted to be able to help maintain healthy skin to stay young. So, is it true that taking collagen drink supplements is effective in maintaining healthy skin? Before answering this question, first consider an explanation of what collagen is and its function.

What is collagen?

A dermatologist from Mount Sinai Hospital USA, Joshua Zeichner, M.D explained, collagen is an adhesive protein found in bones and cartilage. As a structural protein, the function of collagen is to provide strength and shape the human body.

“Collagen is like the framework of a mattress, elastin is the spring, and hyaluronic acid is the cushion,” Zeichner said. Collagen can decrease with age. As a result, the skin can sag and fine wrinkles appear on the skin. Around the age of 30, natural collagen production begins to slow down. While most collagen drink supplements on the market are generally made from fish cartilage with added vitamins and minerals.

The benefits of collagen drink for skin care, is it effective?

New York-based dermatologist Dendy Engelman, M.D., argues that the benefits of collagen drink supplements are not as great as some manufacturers offer. He also mentions the benefits of collagen drink supplements that at first glance are very promising, not yet clinically proven. In line with Engelman, Zeichner also argues that the benefits of collagen in the form of beverage supplements are not very effective for maintaining healthy skin. “Collagen that comes from food or drink tends not to get to the skin,” explains Zeichner. He explained that collagen that enters the body will be broken down into amino acids in the digestive tract. From the digestive tract, amino acids resulting from the breakdown of collagen from food or drink intake will be distributed to the parts of the body that need it most. Allocation of distribution, adjusted to the function of the most vital organs. Generally, these amino acids are used by major muscles such as the heart, stomach, and brain. Skins are not included in the priority distribution chain. Especially if the skin is considered not lacking in amino acids due to collagen damage. The good news is, if you regularly eat a nutritionally complete and balanced diet, your skin is less likely to lack this collagen.

Who should drink collagen drinks?

Zhaoping Li, M.D., a nutritionist with the US UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, says older people may be deficient in collagen. So, there is nothing wrong if people who are elderly consume collagen drinks. “Collagen supplements can be useful for maintaining muscle and tissue under the skin in the elderly who lack collagen,” he explained. Like dr. Li, dr. Engelman also recommends collagen supplements for elderly patients with skin conditions prone to bruising. “We cannot possibly prescribe serums and retinoids for use throughout the body. The solution, we provide collagen to maintain the health of their skin, “he said. However, experts warn before taking collagen drink supplements, always consult a doctor first to be safer.

How to protect collagen function naturally

A number of experts agree, people who do not lack collagen do not need to take collagen supplements or drinks. To maintain healthy skin and protect collagen function naturally, only use creams that contain vitamin A. In addition, vitamin C serum is also good for increasing collagen production naturally. Last but not least, make sure your skin is well hydrated. Use a moisturizer that contains safe ingredients so that the skin is always moist, tight, and minimal wrinkles. In addition, make sure to always use sunscreen when you are outdoors during the day. Sunscreen can prevent free radicals from breaking down collagen in the skin.

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