Let’s Ship and Know The functions of Bubble Wrap other than as a Package Wrapper With Sindo Shipping!

Who doesn’t know bubble wrap? Plastic with air bubbles that you often squeeze when buying electronics or glassware. It turns out that bubble wrap has a lot of functions, you know! Because it has a thickness that is more than ordinary plastic, you can use bubble wrap for various daily needs. Moreover, with a low price, you can buy lots of bubble wrap to use.

Indeed, in the delivery of goods packages, it is very common to use bubble wrap to protect goods from being crushed and shaken. But who would have thought that bubble wrap can also be used in many situations, it is guaranteed that many do not know the use of this bubble wrap. So, just take a look at the 8 functions of bubble wrap below!

1. To Keep The Goods You Send

Usually bubble wrap is often used to store goods that will be sent via shipping services. Bubble wrap can protect the item from being crushed and shaken during the shipping process. Items such as cell phone cases, skincare, cosmetics and gadgets really need to be wrapped in bubble wrap in their packaging because they are easily damaged by collisions in the shipping process.

2. Insulating the windows of the house

If your windows don’t block air from outside, you can also use bubble wrap to keep you warm. It is suitable for those of you who live in cold mountainous areas, when your bedroom window cannot accommodate the socks and warm clothes you are wearing. Cut out the bubble wrap and adjust it to the surface of the window where you want to stick the bubble wrap, then glue it with glue or double-sided tape so it doesn’t come off easily. Bubble wrap can withstand cold outside temperatures because the character of bubble wrap is thicker than ordinary plastic, bubble wrap is also colorless so it can penetrate light from outside.

3. Keep Food Frozen

Bubble wrap can also keep food frozen, you know! Although it can’t last long, at least it can keep the temperature from rising too high while traveling. Maybe if you’re done shopping at the supermarket or want to ship frozen food, you can use bubble wrap without worrying about the food not being fresh when it arrives.

4. Keep the Refrigerator Clean

Refrigerators can become very dirty if you are too lazy to clean them regularly, because ordinary refrigerators store food ingredients that can leave dirt marks. Dirt in the refrigerator could be from eggs or vegetables that you bought from the market and you haven’t had time to wash them first. If you are too lazy to clean the refrigerator regularly, you can wrap it with bubble wrap for the food ingredients that you want to put in the refrigerator. Or you can also put bubble wrap on the parts of the refrigerator that are difficult to clean with a cloth, such as the shelves on the refrigerator door lids because they are not too big. By providing a bubble wrap base, you no longer need to wipe with a cloth, because you only need to replace the bubble wrap pad with a new one.

5. Dish Stack Separator

If you have to stack plates because there are no empty dish racks, then your plates will be scuffed. But don’t worry, you can use bubble wrap to separate the stack of plates. You just cut the bubble wrap according to the size of your plate, bubble wrap will prevent your plate from being scratched due to rubbing against other plates.

6. Warms the Plants

In addition to the body, the plant also needs to be warmed if it is not a hardy species that lives in cold areas. Bubble wrap can also be useful in this situation, you just need to cover the inside of the pot with bubble wrap. Make sure the soil is protected with bubble wrap, so that the bubble wrap can cover the plants well, so the plants can survive in cold weather.

7. Make Everything Dustless

If you want to be out of the house for a long time, you can also use bubble wrap to protect your belongings from dust. Surely in your home there are lots of displays such as paintings, table decorations, even cabinets and tables. Cover the item with bubble wrap to keep it clean. It’s really lazy, right, when you get home all your things are dusty, which makes you have to clean them one by one.

8. Keeping Shoes In Unused Condition

Who says shoes can’t be damaged if you don’t wear them? In fact, shoes can also be damaged if they are never used, especially if they are not stored in a shoe box. We recommend that you store the shoes in a dry temperature so that the inside of the shoes does not get damp and moldy. Now to avoid mold nesting on the inside of the shoe, you can insert a roll of bubble wrap into it. Bubble wrap can also protect the shape of your shoes, because if left too long, the shoes can also change shape.

Well, finally you understand that bubble wrap can have many benefits in everyday life. Don’t be afraid that bubble wrap has an expensive price, because in fact the price is very cheap. You can get it in the market at a price of around 90 thousand rupiah per roll, even 50m x 125cm per roll. For a price of 90 thousand rupiah, you can already use the 8 bubble wraps described above.

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