Here’s How To Distinguish original and Fake Branded Bags

Sindo shipper friends! Who doesn’t want to have a branded bag? Having one or more branded bags can be the dream of most women. Having a branded bag not only supports appearance but can also show a person’s established status. Please read carefully in this article below!

It’s no wonder that many people are willing to save to buy branded bags, especially with the increasing number of well-known international designer boutiques in Indonesia. However, many women are still fooled by fake branded bags aka KW. Especially if you don’t buy it at the brand’s boutique itself.

It’s very important for Moms to be careful when buying branded bags on social media, especially if the price offered is very much different from the price in the boutique. It’s time for you to be a smart buyer, here. Come on, learn the ways below to distinguish genuine and fake branded bags!

Who doesn’t know Chanel? This brand from Paris, France produces various kinds of fashion products, perfumes, jewelry and accessories such as bags and wallets.

Chanel’s classic flap bag has even been the target of women since 1955. The more fans of this bag, the more Chanel clone models you can find in local stores. Fortunately, if you buy a Chanel bag at an official boutique, it will have a card with the bag number and a hologram on it. The fake bag only consists of gold embellishments on the edges of the card and smaller fonts.

Based on research from online seller Bag Hunter, the value of the Hermes Birkin has increased by more than 500% in the last 35 years. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you want to invest using this bag. However, make sure the Hermes you buy is not fake because it can reduce the selling value.

It is not difficult to determine the original and fake Hermes bag. Each Hermes bag is hand sewn so every detail that goes out of line is visible. In addition, every key and button on the Hermes is made of palladium or real gold metal so it feels a bit heavy to carry around. If the bag you buy is light in weight, you should first ask someone who is more skilled.

Nowadays, there are lots of used Louis Vuitton bags that you can get on used online buying and selling sites. Do not be fooled by the packaging they provide, even though it looks like the original.

First of all, pay attention to the tag section on the bag. If there is a tag on the zipper with the Louis Vuitton logo or writing, it is certain that the bag is included in the fake category.

LV is a luxury brand and well known to many, why else would they put logo tags on zippers and locks. Next check the inside of the bag. Fake bag designers usually only focus on the outside so that the interior looks very ordinary and uses colors that seem cheap.

So, be careful when buying used branded bags. It’s a good idea for Moms to buy a bag at the official store directly or check the features above. Have you ever been fooled by a fake branded bag? Don’t Worry, we from Sindo Shipping can help deliver your branded bag from overseas.

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