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The best sunscreen for your face is the one you’ll actually use every day. It’s perfectly fine to use the sunscreen that you put on your body on your face as well, though face specific formulas can be lighter and more moisturizing. To find facial sunscreens to suit a range of different skin types, tones, and sensitivity levels. Some of our recommendations are more moisturizing, some contain no chemical UV filters, and others play better on dark skin or under makeup. To get more information, let’s read this article!

If there’s one thing you put on your face today, let’s apply sunscreen. Dermatologists harp on this over and over because it’s one of the best ways to protect your skin, regardless of your tone. Of course, your first priority is to prevent a sunburn, which can raise your skin cancer risk. As a major bonus, sunscreen also keeps your skin looking young. A quality SPF can protect your skin from the harmful UV rays that cause premature aging and even help reverse signs of damage by reducing dark spots, improving texture, and boosting brightness, per 2016 research in the journal Dermatologic Surgery.

Hopefully, by now you have heard how important sunscreen is for the overall health and appearance of your skin. Wearing sunscreen every day is a crucial part of your skincare routine, and without it, you are exposing the sensitive skin on your face to unnecessary damage from sun exposure. Here are the benefits of sunscreen use, we cited from

Keeps Complexion Even

Using sunscreen on your face helps to keep your complexion even. Sun damage is one of the many causes of uneven skin tones and daily sun cream helps to prevent those effects.

Sun Protection

One of the most obvious and notable benefits of sunscreen is that it protects your skin against the sun’s broad spectrum of harmful UV rays. Sunscreen actually minimizes the penetration of UV rays into the skin and the triggering of a variety of skin disorders. Even the mildest of sunburns can have damaging effects so it is important to protect your skin.

Helps Protect Against The Visible Signs of Premature Aging

We all want youthful, radiant, and healthy looking skin. But overexposure to sunlight can increase the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In other words, using sunscreen can help protect against the harmful effects of premature aging or skin aging.

Reduces Risk of Cancer

Fortunately, sunscreen is very effective in reducing the risk of developing a variety of skin cancers, especially melanoma. This type of skin cancer is known to be extremely aggressive and can be life-threatening for many women, particularly those in their 20s. However, you must apply sunscreen daily to see the cumulative protection over the days and months.

Healthy Skin Overall

Michelle stresses to her clients that “skin is healthier overall when you use sunscreen.” Essential proteins in the skin like keratin are protected when sunscreen is applied. These proteins are primarily responsible for keeping the skin smooth and healthy both in appearance and function.

Choosing a Product

Most clients dread the thoughts of wearing sunscreen every day. Many worry that the sunscreen lotions will cause them to break out, make their skin appear oily, and worst of all they will smell like sunscreen all day! Thankfully, skin care products have come a long way and you won’t need to apply oldschool slimy sunscreen every day in order to achieve the great benefits of daily sunscreen use. The type of product you use will depend on the length of time you plan to spend out in the sun and the activities you’ll be doing, but for our purposes, we will focus on sunscreen products that are best for daily use, not a day at the beach.


Don’t skimp on quality: The label on your face sunscreen needs to say “broad spectrum” to guard against both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays, says Arisa Ortiz, M.D., assistant clinical professor in the department of dermatology at University of California, San Diego. You really have to pay attention to the wording on the bottle because many sunscreens only protect against UVB rays and ideally, look for SPF 30 or higher.

Know your skin type: If you have dry skin, choose a face sunscreen with hydrating ingredients, says Dr. Zeichner, like hyaluronic acid or ceramides. If you have oily skin, look for sunscreens that have a matte finish. Lighter gel formulations will also feel less heavy if you tend to get shiny throughout the day.

Consider your skin tone: If you have a medium-to-dark complexion, chemical sunscreens (which are absorbed into the skin) apply more clear, while physical or mineral sunscreens (which sit on top of the skin and reflect UV rays) often leave some white cast. Both have their pros and cons and offer equal protection, says board-certified dermatologist Heather Woolery-Lloyd, M.D., director of ethnic skin care for the University of Miami Department of Dermatology and Cutaneous Surgery. The type you choose is a personal decision, but if you go for a mineral formula, which tends to work better for sensitive skin, apply it in sections so you can thoroughly rub in and sheer out the product.

Layer it on last: “Generally speaking, sunscreen should be applied to freshly cleansed skin,” says Dr. Zeichner. As a rule of thumb, this should be the last step of your morning skin care before applying makeup so it goes on after your serum or moisturizer. Now that you have the basics down, it’s time to find a sunscreen for your face that will leave your skin looking youthful and healthy. Here are the top dermatologist-approved picks for every skin type out there. (


To help narrow down your search, here’s a list of the best face sunscreens as recommended by sindo shipping.

EltaMD UV Clear Face Sunscreen SPF 46

If you’re looking for a sunscreen with extra SPF, EltaMD’s UV Clear Facial sunscreen is a must-have and it’s a favorite among dermatologists. This sunscreen creates a barrier between your skin and the sun, protecting it from many dermatological disorders. As a broad-spectrum product, it also protects against both UVB and UVA rays. Active ingredients include zinc oxide and octinoxate, and it also has hyaluronic acid to help your face stay hydrated.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF 60

Here’s another option for more SPF. It’s a close contender to EltaMD’s sunscreen, according to our experts. As an added benefit, this sunscreen is also water-resistant, so your face is protected for just over an hour of sweating and swimming. With SPF 60, broad-spectrum protection water-resistant up to 80 minutes fragrance-free, paraben-free, and oil-free features a “cell-ox shield,” with broad-spectrum protection plus antioxidants to reduce free radicals suitable for sensitive skin non comedogenic, so it won’t clog pores can help reduce the appearance of sun damage.

CeraVe Skin Renewing Day Cream SPF 30

This product isn’t only a broad-spectrum SPF, it’s also a skin-renewing day cream with anti-aging properties. It might be the perfect sunscreen if you’re looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. This gentle, non-irritating cream is also a contender if you have sensitive skin. Active ingredients include octinoxate and zinc oxide.

Neutrogena SheerZinc Dry-Touch Sunscreen Lotion

This mineral sunscreen is available in both SPF 30 and 50, though the formula specifically for face is exclusively SPF 50. Our experts recommend Neutrogena Sheer Zinc because it’s a broad-spectrum product, and also because it has a National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. In other words, it’s suitable for sensitive skin and doesn’t include many irritating ingredients.

That’s all of our explanation about face sunscreen for every type of skin and let’s ship it easily to Indonesia with Sindo Shipping. Have you tried any of these face sunscreen or do you have favorites of your own? Please let us know and try it! With so many options out there, our goal is to make your shopping experience easily.

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