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Online Shopping Trends Rise With Sindo Shipping, Beware of Fraud Through Online Stores

The trend of online shopping continues to increase due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, consumers of sindo shippers must be smarter when shopping and be wary of fraud through online stores. Let’s read these article below, hopefully you will get some information!

“So consumers do not easily believe in prices that are too cheap,” said Online Business Expert Michael Sugiharto in a press release. In addition, Michael suggested that consumers always compare the prices of goods in one online shop with another. That way consumers can find out the fair price of the item. “Next, pay attention to the behavior of the seller. If the seller intends to cheat, usually the seller forces the buyer to pay immediately,” said Michael.

Michael also said, buyers can ensure the digital footprint of the seller. For example, by checking the seller’s account number on the Kominfo website, Cekrekening.id. In the midst of the ease of online transactions today, buyers are also required to be aware of the threat of user data leakage.

IT observer and CEO & Chief Digital Forensic Indonesia Ruby Alamsyah said user data leaks could occur because of the users themselves. “In addition to apps, users need to secure their data and accounts,” Ruby said. Ruby recommends that users know the authentication type for downloaded applications, use passwords that are not easily traceable, and avoid downloading unauthorized applications. “Furthermore, the operating system for gadgets and PC applications must be updated regularly,” said Ruby.

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