Hello sindo shipper friends! Did you know that various products from Japan are known for their high quality, including bicycle products. That’s why bicycles made in Japan are also popular with many people, including the people of Indonesia. Not only new bicycles, used bicycles also have enthusiasts in the country. Used bicycles from Japan are also widely sold in Indonesia. In this article we want share information and answer the question about can we import used bicycles from Japan? Let’s read article below!

Bicycles are the preferred means of transportation that are in great demand by the world community. Aspects of practical use and environmentally friendly make this means of transportation in great demand. Rowing bicycle can make the body healthy and fit. Indeed, almost every country can make its own local brand bicycle. But for quality, this Japanese motorcycle is worth relying on. Japan has started making bicycles since the end of the Second World War.

Why Choose a Bike Made in Japan

Bicycles made in Japan are very popular among the people. This is because Japanese bicycles have good quality by applying high-quality materials. Starting in the 70s, Japan successfully sold its bicycles to America which amounted to one million units per year. Some of the advantages of bicycles made in Japan are as follows:

  1. Best quality material. The main aspect of very popular Japanese bicycles is of course the quality. There is no doubt that the materials used to make bicycles made in Japan are the materials of choice. Bikes that are sold are guaranteed to have toughness because they have been tested. For the Indonesian market, MTB or mountain bikes from Japan have been around since the 80s. Using a special thick iron material, this motor is able to withstand loads of up to 150 kilos.
  2. International standard. Another attractive factor for Japanese bicycles is their worldwide fame. This is because many buyers are satisfied with the quality after using Japanese bicycles and also with competitive prices.
  3. Ex’s are also liked. Due to its durability and excellent quality, Japanese bicycles can last a long time. Number one quality helps keep Japanese used bike prices steady. There are still many collectors who are looking for used Japanese bicycles to collect or use.

Japanese Bike Brand

There are various brands of Japanese bicycles on the market for collection or use. Among the choices of popular Japanese-made mountain bike brands is Muddyfox. This name has been around for 25 years. Suitable for sports enthusiasts who want to test their guts bulldozing off-road terrain. Araya Muddyfox has a wheel diameter of 17 inches plus Shimano Deore DX gear. Then the frame is made of chromoly material. The price of Araya Muddyfox is Rp. 15 millions.

Another brand that is also interesting to look at is Mongoose Impase. This brand adopts an aluminum suspension frame. This bike is quite light but still strong. When driving on rocky roads Luwak feels soft to ride and light. Created from 1974, the Mongoose is an offroad mainstay. The price of the mongoose is only around Rp. 4 million.

There are also Japanese bicycles under the Asahi brand. Innovation from Asahi resulted in a simple bicycle design while still paying attention to its basic functions. Users can ride as they please even if they add a train or operator. This Asahi brand bicycle is also made according to bicycle safety standards (BAA). The dynamo remote control lever, brake shoes are included in the standard car body frame but still at a low price. Asahi bicycles are sold for around Rp. 6 million.

Japanese Bicycle Import Terms

Referring to the Regulation of the Minister of Trade (Permendag) Number 68 of 2020 concerning Provisions for the Import of Footwear, Electronic Goods, and Two-Wheel and Three-Wheel Bikes, the import of bicycles from abroad must obtain a permit from the government. . The purpose of the issuance of this Permendag is to reduce imports of consumption products imported into Indonesia. This Minister of Trade Regulation comes into force on August 19, 2020 and comes into force on August 28, 2020.

In the Minister of Commerce Regulation there are three types of categories of goods regulated in the trade system where the number of tariff posts/HS is 11 HS. For the footwear category regulated in this Regulation of the Minister of Trade, namely footwear with rubber soles with tariff headings/HS 6404.11.10, 6404.11.20, 6404.11.90, 6404.19.00, and 6404.20.00. Meanwhile, the electronics that are regulated are air temperature control machines with tariff headings/HS 8415.10.10 and 8415.10.90. Then for two-wheeled and three-wheeled bicycles, tariff posts/HS are 8712.00.10, 8712.00.20, 8712.00.30, and 8712.00.90.

Through the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 68 of 2020, business actors are required to have an Import Approval (PI) and LS to fulfill the requirements for importing these commodities. In addition, the supervisory mechanism carried out also underwent changes, which were originally carried out outside the customs area (post border) now carried out inside the customs area (border).

Ban on the Import of Used Goods Including Bicycles

The Ministry of Commerce has issued a ban on imports of used goods. The prohibition is the Regulation of the Minister of Trade Number 48 of 2015 concerning General Provisions in the Import Sector. If people still dare to import used goods, including bicycles, as a result, the goods will be detained until they are destroyed. This provision is stipulated for all types of imported products.

When goods enter the territory of Indonesia, Customs and Excise will check the permits it has. If the importer does not have it automatically within 30 days the goods will be controlled by the state. Within 30 days, importers are given the opportunity to complete an import permit for used goods. If the first 30 days have passed, then another 30 days are given. If you still can’t apply for a permit, the item will automatically have the status of state property (BMN).

If the imported goods have the status of BMN, the next process will be viewed from the economic aspect. For example, if the object being detained is a luxury vehicle, of course after an assessment it can be determined to be auctioned. On the other hand, if the item is classified as dangerous, further destruction steps can be taken. However, there are also several types of used goods that are returned to the country of origin of the goods.

The impact of the ban on imports of used goods will certainly affect the price of bicycles in the country. The government not only prohibits the import of used bicycles but also regulates the import of new bicycles. Minister of Trade Regulation (PERMENDAG) Number 68 of 2020 concerning Provisions for the Import of Footwear, Electronic Goods, and Two-Wheel and Three-Wheel Bikes regulates import permits. Ratified August 25 and August 28 come into force where importers must have an Import Approval (PI) and Surveyor Report (LS) permit.

Seeing the trend of soaring demand for bicycles in the country, it is estimated that prices will rise due to stagnant supply due to the new regulations. Moreover, domestic bicycle manufacturers have not been able to meet consumer demand. Imports of used bicycles from Japan or other countries have stalled with the latest government ban.

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