Hello sindo shipper friends! Did you intend to provide overseas delivery services such as shipping food via cargo overseas? Basically there are several types of food that can be sent abroad while some other types cannot be sent. Whether or not a food product can be sent depends on the destination country where the package will be sent. Let’s read these article below and get more information!

If you are going to send fresh fruit or wet food by international courier service, it will definitely be rejected. An example is a parent who wants to send their homemade chili sauce to their child who is studying abroad. This condition is not possible because to send food abroad requires certainty that the food product sent is healthy and not made of hazardous materials and contains bacteria that can threaten the ecosystem in the destination country.

What if you want to send dry food or instant noodles that already have sales packaging there? For the delivery of dry food, if it already has a certification from the Ministry of Health and the brand is registered, it will be easier for the food to be sent abroad.

If you want to send abroad to America, there are already FDA regulations that must be met. Commodities that are considered food by the FDA are the following:

●  Dietary Supplements

●  Spices for food

●  Baby food

●  Bottled drink

●  Alcoholic beverages

●  Fruits and vegetables

●  Fish and seafood

●  Processed food

●  Canned or frozen food

●  Raw commodities used for food

●  Food from live animals

●  Snacks, bread, sweets

●  Food for pets

Overseas Food Delivery Service Procedure If the food to be sent falls into that category, there are several steps that must be taken to send the food, namely: Facility Registration The FDA requires that domestic and foreign facilities that produce, process, store, or package food for human or animal consumption in the US must be registered with the FDA. Retail facilities, farm areas, non-profit food preparation facilities, and restaurants where food is made to be served directly to customers are exempt from this rule. Early Notice Regarding Food Import The FDA requires importers or buyers in the United States or agents to provide advance notice when importing food. This notification needs to be submitted at least 4 hours before the departure of the aircraft but must not be submitted more than 5 days before the arrival of the aircraft. For the better, before the food delivery process, the recipient is consulted first to check at the customs section regarding the type of goods to be sent and whether the goods are allowed or not.

That’s all the things that need to be considered for overseas shipping services. So to delivery food abroad cannot be careless or just because there are procedures that must be followed. From that information above we can know more about the terms of food delivery and you don’t need to bother getting goods from abroad, especially Singapore. Because Sindo shipping will shop for you and deliver the goods directly to your doorstep. Stay safe and always use Sindo shipping as a trusted forwarder, you don’t need to go far abroad to buy your favorite food because you can shop and ship it with us.

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