For those of Sindo shipper friends who want to started a business but still confused about what type of business to run, an importer business can be an alternative good choice for you. Being an importer of goods from outside is indeed able to bring great profits, but it requires great struggle and perseverance. Therefore, for those of you who are interested consider some of the tips below that we cited another source.


1. Do Research

As a first step, you can research what products to sell, including market research. Say the product is fashion, then we must determine the target market, such as gender, age, and various other backgrounds through research. Do research to find out various things related to fashion sales opportunities.

2. Find and determine the seller who can provide the best price

After knowing what products to sell, the next way to start an importing business is to look for sellers with the best competitive prices. First, decide where you will import the goods from. Then, you can search for accounts such as marketplaces from that country according to the desired price. For example Alibaba, TaoBao and various other platforms. Determining a marketplace from abroad will also be very important. Because, this marketplace will later become your business exporter.

Later you will get a supply of foreign products from this marketplace. To get the best product, you can find out a price comparison as well as determine which price is right for sale based on product specifications, minimum order quantities, and other purchase terms generally described here are market.

3. Doing Business Online

After getting the right price and determining the resale price, we can sell the product online. This step is quite appropriate because it can be accessed by anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can do this by creating a dedicated social media account, using a marketplace or other platform. The advantage of an online importer business is that we can save on budget expenses such as operations and space. Moreover, the target market is wider. In addition to promoting the goods we sell, on social media and marketplaces, we can also advertise, through various media.

For example, advertisements from newspaper media, advertisements on social media platforms such as Instagram, and so on. That way, ads can be found directly by those who really need our goods or products. In short, the product will be more targeted at potential consumers.

4. Create ID

This is stated in the Regulation of the Minister of Finance Number 59/PMK.04/2014, where we as importers must register Customs, which then we must register with the Directorate General of Customs and Excise to get a Customs Identification Number (NIK). In addition, there is also an API or Importer Identification Number as an ID as an importer that we need to take care of.

API itself is divided into two types, namely: API is divided into two, namely API-U (General) which is intended for imported goods for resale and API-P (Producer) which is intended for imported goods for own use. In this discussion we are using API-U, so we must submit an application to the Head of the Provincial Office with the following document attachments:

●  Photocopy of the Notary Deed of Establishment of the Company and its amendments.

●  A copy of a valid domicile certificate at the company’s head office or a photocopy of a place rental agreement or business place contract.

●Photocopy of business license in the trade sector issued by the Head of the Provincial/Regency/City One Stop Investment Service Provider, Trading Business License (SIUP), or other similar business licenses issued by the competent technical agency/service in the field trading. trade field.

●  Photocopy of Company Registration Certificate (TDP).

●  Photocopy of TIN of the company or individual and the person in charge of the company.

●  Reference from Foreign Exchange Bank.

● Photocopy of ID card or passport of the API signatory, namely the Board of Directors and the proxy of the Board of Directors. The last photo with a red background for each of the Management or Directors of the Company is 2 (two) pieces measuring 3 x 4 cm.

Those are some ways to start an importer business that beginners can do. Basically the import business is a promising business opportunity, but it requires some special ways and strategies so that the business can run well. With these various ways, it is hoped that beginners who are interested in entering the import business can start better and more smoothly. You can also consultation or ask questions to SindoShipping regarding imports or other recommended goods.

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