Essential oils are oils that are often used as aromatherapy and believed to have a variety of benefits for the health of the body. But some of the health benefits of essential oil are claimed to be controversial. Then what exactly is essential oil?

Essential oils are oils extracted from plants through distillation processes or mechanical methods such as cold pressing. This essential oil contains aromatic groups where the smell and natural aroma will be retained. Once the aromatic group is extracted, it will then be combined with carrier oil to make it as a finished product and ready for use.

Since April 2017, the popularity of essential oils has soared. Many people make use of the oil from this plant concentrate for various purposes, such as health, beauty, to fitness. Essential Oil enthusiasts in Indonesia can not be denied very much, even people who live in Indonesia, willing to buy Essential Oil from abroad.

Before you use it, let’s find out about How to use essential oils first. Some of these things you need to check out are :

1. Consider Age to Dosage Factors

Pay attention to age factors, health conditions, use of medications and supplements before using essential oils. Also consider the chemical composition, purity level, duration of use, and dosage.

2. Need Diluted

Essential oils need to be diluted to prevent unwanted reactions. Dilution takes into account the user’s age, health condition, and type of ingredients. In general, the dilution of oil concentrations is recommended to be below 5 percent. As an illustration, for a concentration of 1 percent, drop 6 drops of essential oil plus 1 ounce of dilutive oil. Some oil ingredients must be diluted, including cinnamon, cloves, lemongrass, cumin, lemon verbena, oregano, and thyme.

3. Test in gauze before applying essential oil type, you are advised to first look at the reaction with trials.

How: Wash the inside of the arm, dry it, apply a little essential oil there, cover with gauze, wait for 24 hours. Continue using if a day overnight does not appear as necessary reactions to reddened, itchy, blistered or swollen skin.

4. Aromatherapy Essential oils are effectively used by inhalation if you have problems with the respiratory tract and mood disorders. Before using essential oil by inhalation, you need to first listen to the following conditions: Instructions for use inhale in a room that has adequate air ventilation duration between 30 minutes to 60 minutes. The use of essential oils for children and pregnant women to date rolling pros and cons. Some consider it safe. However there are also those who expressly do not recommend the use of essential oils.

One of the most famous Essential Oils is Young Living. Young Living was developed in 1994.

Young Living products include:

1. Essential Oil 2. Roll-On

3. Massage Oil

4. Diffuser

5. Body & Facial Care

6. NingXia Red

A variety of essential oil fragrances that can calm the soul, such as cinnamon, lavender, ginger, peppermint, and others. 

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The young living pick up procedure from Young Living Singapore Office to the destination address:

1. You can order to Young Living Singapore with the note that your order will be picked up by Sindo Shipping.

2. Once the transaction with Young Living is complete, you can inform us about your order. Information can be in the form of order number and member name. This information can make it easier for us to find your order, therefore every time you make an order with Young Living, please inform us of the order number and member name. Can be via email or Whatsapp.

3. Sindo Shipping will pick up to the Young Living Singapore Office 2 times in a week. Pick up schedules are subject to change at any time, depending on Young Living’s own requirements.

4. After pickup from the Young Living Singapore Office, the Young Living package will be delivered to Warehouse Sindo Shipping in Singapore.

5. If it has been received at Sindo Shipping Warehouse in Singapore, Sindo Shipping Customer Service will confirm your Young Living order via Whatsapp with the order number and member name that you have informed us. The data we obtained from Young Living Singapore includes the order number, member name, and weight of the Young Living order. 

6. Once confirmed, the Young Living package will deliver to our Batam Office first.

7. Arriving in Batam Office, the package will be packed with bubble wrap to reduce the risk when shipping goods.

8. Our Finance Team will update you for the shipping cost, after all payment is done, the Young Living package will be delivered to the destination address.

For those of you who want to make Young Living delivery with Sindo Shipping, please contact us in advance for more information. Here are the shipping costs from Singapore for Young Living packages :

– Singapore to Batam = Rp 100.000/kg

– Singapore to Jakarta = Rp 200.000/kg

– Singapore to Jawa & Sumatra = Rp 200.000/kg

– Singapore to Bali, NTB, Sulawesi, Kalimantan = Rp 230.000/kg

– Singapore to Aceh, Bukit Tinggi, Tebing Tinggi, NTT, Maluku, Ambon & Papua = Rp 250.000/kg

That’s all of our explanation about Young Living Essential Oils and How to ship it easily to Indonesia with SINDO SHIPPING.

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